Expensive phone calls

  the gambling man 00:38 27 Dec 2003

Whilst this is not a discussion item this is the only place I can think of putting up the warning. From somewhere and I dont know where I managed to get myself an extra dial up, after much searching by all and sundry we finally found the site (I had never been to) that got into my computer. Be warned the calls are priced at £1.50 per min and the basic site appears to be Spanish. The site is as follows click here, how they managed it I cannot find out but they got into my registery amongst other places, second site from where they come is "filesforyou"BE WARNED??????£1.50MIN

  johnnyrocker 00:53 27 Dec 2003

answered you previously.


  Forum Editor 00:57 27 Dec 2003

you downloaded a dialer - probably without realising it.

These are an increasingly common problem, and we've had many threads on the subject recently. The best advice isa not to click 'Yes' to anything whatsoever on the Internet until you have read the terms and conditions thoroughly. A common ploy is hide the agreement to download and install a dialer somewhere in the terms of agreement - that long, boring document that has 'Agree' and 'Disagree' buttons. Many people blithely click the 'Agree' button in their haste to download or install whatever it is that they want. Few of us could put hand on heart and say we've never done this, and in the main we get away with it - reputable sites won't mess around with dialers.

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