Expensive boxes?

  y_not 18:56 17 Sep 2003

I have just purchased two 80Gb WD Caviar internal HDD's from PC World component center. The price was £75 (and a few pence) each.

As I walked to the checkout I passed the boxed versions. I stopped and looked - the identical spec. drive in a pretty box £119.95!!!!

A printed box for 45 quid or am I missing something?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:17 17 Sep 2003

Basic law of perfume economics. People pay 60p for the contents and £30+ for the packaging.


  obbit 19:30 17 Sep 2003

£66 from novatech.

  y_not 20:23 17 Sep 2003

And I was feeling quite pleased with myself ;-(


  powerless 20:31 17 Sep 2003

G wears perfume, well i never!

Ummm i'm thinking RETAIL and OEM here.

  Ping Pong 22:36 17 Sep 2003

Why didn't you buy the Samsung 120 gb for £77.
Far better value in my opinion and mine has been fine.

  John-259217 02:11 18 Sep 2003

Are you sure the specs identical ?

Knowing PCWorld I suspect the boxed versions are the special edition with the 8 MB cache (WD800JB) and the OEM ones are just the standard 2 MB (WD800BB).

Either way its still a lot for the fancy wrapping and some instructions.

Dabs list the first at £68.50 and the second at £61.49 click here

  BeForU 02:26 18 Sep 2003

£68.50 and £61.49???? thats some stupid pricing difference! but still, i bet there would be people who are like, hmm, shall i spend an extra £6 for the better one or not bother lol!

  Wilham 10:47 18 Sep 2003

Check the cache on HDD WD 80MB's, -may be 2 or 8MB.Also newer models can have the serial ATA connectors.
I agree there are good offers around but be careful.

  y_not 18:29 18 Sep 2003

Thanks for all the replies.

I think you maybe right - the ones I bought have 2MB cache.

I need to read more carefully and compare spec for spec - lesson learnt!

Have a good day


  rickf 21:13 18 Sep 2003

You,ve been robbed at £75 each.

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