Is Expedite Electronics of Hong Kong A Safe Site to purchase with?

  Boothy1876 10:43 08 Oct 2014

Can anyone advise as to whether Expedite Electronics of Hong Kong is safe to purchase from? Using PayPal I would want to purchase a product in excess of £200.00. Expedite say:there are no hidden costs, price includes import duty and tax but, after reading the reviews about eglobal of Hong Kong, I am a little put off purchasing from Expedite. I am not fully satisfied that their own reviews maybe genuine. Thanks

  spuds 11:38 08 Oct 2014

I have done a few internet searches on this company, and in the main all reviews seem favourable. One concern by some reviewer's seems to be no address or telephone number being provided.

Over the years I have made many purchases from Hong Kong and China, plus S.E.A and the rest of the world, usually through eBay. Never had any problems with the products provided, which can be the same as here in the UK but at a far cheaper price including delivery. Delivery though can be an hit or miss affair, because I have received good within 7 days when others have taken nearly a month.

With the £200.00 order you have stated, then get confirmation that all dutues have been paid, because if they haven't, there will be a problem of duties collection plus handling charges, which will make the bargain sale a non-event. Having said that, some Hong Kong/China supplier's have arrangements, that might mean the goods are dispatched via an EU arrangement or warehouse. So best to confirm first.

Here's on review from the internet, and there are many more 'supportive' reviews out there click here

  spuds 11:39 08 Oct 2014

Looks like Jock1e is been looking at some of the same reviews :O)

  HondaMan 12:55 08 Oct 2014

They give a 14 day money back guarantee and have a UK, all-be-it 0800 phone number, and a UK depot so distance selling regs should apply

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