Excuse me can you spare a few moments ?

  Dragon_Heart 00:18 23 Mar 2011

Clip board in hand they mug you, in packs, as you walk along the high street or into a shop. It's either to win a 'free' holiday ( |STAY CLEAR OF THESE AS IT'S A CON ) or to get your opinions on a new product or your energy supplier ( so they can try and get you to swap ).

How do you get rid of these people ?

I ask them how much they are paying ? ( puzzled expression on their face )

I then explain that if they want my valued opinion they will have to pay for it ( end of conversation )

  Forum Editor 01:06 23 Mar 2011

That's called market research, and without it we wouldn't have the products that we want. All companies do it, usually it's carried out by perfectly respectable market research companies, and it's perfectly harmless.

You're under no obligation to take part, so I don't see the problem. If you want to "get rid of these people" just say 'no thank you'. Why would you want to ask them how much they're paying?

  uk-wizard 05:52 23 Mar 2011

How much do Harrods or Topshop pay you to carry their advertising posters(carrier bags)?
Just say 'not today' and keep shuffling on.

  morddwyd 07:40 23 Mar 2011

I always feel quite rejected, as I never get troubled this way, they just look past me to somebody else!

  spuds 08:49 23 Mar 2011

morddwyd--Possibly like me, you just don't look young, intelligent or wealthy enough to participate ;o)

  Cymro. 11:02 23 Mar 2011

Perhaps we should have a little bit more sympathy for the people we do these sort of jobs. The chances are that most of them are on the absolute minimum pay that their employers can get away with paying them.

It is grotty work at the best of times, out in all weather, putting up with people asking them stupid questions such as "how much are they paying". At least they are in work of some sort and so trying to improve their lot in life.

If they were not doing this sort of work they would probably be claiming benefits and they would be criticised even more then.

  KremmenUK 15:50 24 Mar 2011

I very politely tell them at the outset I'm not going to divulge my name or address to a stranger.

They usually politely apologise for stopping me.

  finerty 16:49 24 Mar 2011

easy wind them up give the false info info that doesnt make sense make up a tel no give. never ever show them your credit card or debit card say your the royal highness of clipboards and as such im confiscating the clip board

  finerty 16:50 24 Mar 2011

or better still take your marker and write a big x on their clipboard

  ukpostcode 18:16 24 Mar 2011

I tell them i work for MORI or Consumer Direct, That normally stops them!!

  SB23 20:52 24 Mar 2011

I was asked that a few years back, and I'm glad I did, as I now trial new products at home for a well known manufacturer.
I send feedback when emailed to do so, and when the trial is finished I keep the product.
I don't get any money for what I do, but I get the 1st look at new products being developed.
Works for me.
All these years later I still see what they're offering, you never know, lol!

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