Excessive delivery charges to North of the Border

  blodgett 16:33 21 Jan 2010

Just a warning to those of you who live North of the border. I wanted to order a Hard Drive and two 1Gb memory modules from Saverstore and was quoted £56.29 ex vat + £33.99 ex vat Delivery!
I live outside Aberdeen.
After questioning this charge it magically reduced to £5.99.
I then was quoted £126.31 inc vat for a Mobo bundle, cost £95.83 inc vat + £30.48 inc vat delivery.
The answer to my querying this was:-
"That is the correct delivery charge. Its what it costs us to deliver to places further out "
If you look on their web site Scotland is not part of the UK and Aberdeen is "offshore"!

  Jollyjohn 22:43 21 Jan 2010

Well Blodgett at least you live "up North". I am located between Perth & Dundee and fall into the same excessive delivery charge zone!

  Forum Editor 23:38 21 Jan 2010

If a driver/vehicle combination covers 100 miles and does 20 deliveries in a day the operating costs are divided between twenty customers.

If the same driver and vehicle covers 100 miles to deliver to a couple of customers the operating costs per delivery will soar.

It's irritating if you live in a relatively sparsely populated area, but delivery costs are a major item, especially when a delivery might only consist of one small package like yours. Online consumer electronics retailers operate on small margins.

  morddwyd 06:00 22 Jan 2010

And yet other companies manage to have a standard charge for most of the UK mainland, some of them despatching from the European mainland or Channel Islands.

It's a lot harder to deliver to some places in rural Cumbria, or even rural Wales, than it is to Aberdeen.

  blodgett 08:40 22 Jan 2010

Forgive me, but we do still have a postal service which for smaller parcels is quite adequate. There are still company's that use this service and do not charge the earth if at all (albeit hidden!), Play.com for one.

  ame 12:34 22 Jan 2010

Was Saverstore not previously Savastore (owned by Watford Electronics) before they disappeared/were bought out? I gave up on this lot years ago after a really bad experience. Despite what the FE says about logistics, these charges are ridiculous. Aberdeen is not in the Outer Hebrides or Shetland Isles, for goodness sake. Buy elsewhere is my recommendation.

  Clapton is God 15:08 22 Jan 2010

To quote your own thread title "Excessive delivery charges to North of the Border".

Which, presumably, is an admission on your part that you live on the wrong side of "the Border" between civilisation and the uncharted frozen wastelands.

  T0SH 18:43 22 Jan 2010

It is nothing more than a total scam, all the main delivery courier sevices (with the noteable exception of UPS) do not demand any premium for deliveries to any location on the UK mainland (which for those less learned in geography does include Aberdeed and all the surrounding areas)in fact the Aberdeen area is one of the most lucrative and well serviced operating areas for couriers, since it is the onshore base for managing and servicing most of the UK offshore oil and gas installations

Cheers HC

  FEEBS 13:38 16 Feb 2010

It's common amongst firms to use delivery companies who charge a premium for north of Edinburgh/Glasgow. If they don't offer to reduce their charge I go elsewhere. After all if you send the same item from the north of Scotland down south there isn't an extra charge.
I tell them to use the Post Office or I don't buy - it often works.
Bottom line is I refuse to pay any delivery surcharge or deal with companies who use the rip-off 0870/0845 numbers.

  oresome 15:02 16 Feb 2010

There's no escaping the fact that delivering any kind of service to a sparsely populated area is more expensive than to a built up area.

Do we all pay a little extra and have a universal charge for services or should the price always reflect the true cost?

  ame 16:33 16 Feb 2010

People living in the north-west highlands and the islands of Scotland normally do pay extra, even when there is no ferry involved. Aberdeen area- sparsley populated? - not. People in other sparsley-populated areas in England and wales would not be happy to pay extra.

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