excess carriage scam

  Help bench 17:28 18 Jul 2003

Have you noticed that equipment gets addvertised and reviewed at say "£500" and then in small print 'plus Vat and carriage' Get your calculator out and in some cases you will find that the total price you are being charged for carriage is as much as £50 plus vat, on say a laptop.

The real cost to someone with a bulk contract with say Amtrak will be less than £10, hence they have quietly added over £40 to the price.

Try and collect yourself, to save the carriage charge, and there is no way they will ablige.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:27 18 Jul 2003

How can it be a scam if it is clearly stated? try sending a computer to anywhere in the UK, I think you will find postage and INSURANCE a tad more than a tenner.


  Jester2K II 18:43 18 Jul 2003

Gandalf is correct (of course) It's stated in the small print therefore its not hidden.

How many manufacturers would want long queues of people turning up at the factories wanting their PC?

And it's not really an Excess Carridge Scam is it? I'm sure thats something completely different...

  obbit 19:05 18 Jul 2003

if it's clearly stated then it is not a scam. i know what you mean though. it is the same for everything. no matter what you buy the price quoted is often the lowest and they get away with it by including "from" and "+ vat" and "+ postage". when the total is announced it's a few ££££ more. but thats to be expected.

try shopping at the places that do allow you to collect. i do, and i save. well if you don't include travelling cost,s, lol. so you pay anyway.

i don't know the answer except buying from the manufactorer.

  obbit 19:07 18 Jul 2003

100 lines for bad spelling

  Help bench 19:45 18 Jul 2003

Try Amtrak. If you sign a contract to send hundreds of parcels a week you get a price of not much over £5 each, well you did when I was in the Ham radio trade 4 years ago.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:01 18 Jul 2003

PCWorld do not charge carriage ;-))))


  davidg_richmond 20:25 18 Jul 2003

Gandalf, that's right, and delivery costs the company about £30 each time. A little more than a tenner!

  H-J 21:45 18 Jul 2003

If you HAVE to pay carriage, and do not have the option of collecting yourself or arranging the arriage yourself (from the same carrier!!!) then at best the advertisement is mis leading. at worst.....well, go figure.

I think help bench is right, it is a scam, because its forcing us to pay for something we probably think should be included in the purchase price, but if they did that (£50) then we wouldnt buy the product. There is one company that is notorious for carriage charges, but I don't have the time to mention them right now...


  jakedawe 01:27 19 Jul 2003

Courier charges within the UK are around a tenner, maybe a little more for "next day delivery". It is not "hidden" if they tell you up front that it will be £50 - but do they?

  Border View 14:25 19 Jul 2003

The other day I ordered some small batteries for my digital telephone. Price was very reasonable. I was told, and accepted, that postage and packing would be £2.50. Fair enough, but when they arrived in a zip bag with a 42p stamp I felt a little peeved.

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