Excellent tech service for broadband

  MichelleC 21:15 20 Oct 2003

It's taken 2 days of tech support from Metronet click here to get my adsl sorted out. It could have been 1 of 100's of things wrong, as those who've been through it will know. The techs were patient and competent throughtout, with many phone calls, and got me up and running today. Just thought I'd sing their praises.

But, as always, I'll let you know if anything goes wrong ;0)

  powerless 00:01 21 Oct 2003

What went wrong?

  MichelleC 09:24 21 Oct 2003

It's a long story, but my router wouldn't log on to router maker's site to then be able to log onto Metronet. As my os is W2K and I boot from 2 hd's (but as administrator on both) one os wasn't playing properly. But even then the other wasn't playing ball for a while. I had the added prob of plugging into upstairs phone extension (which isn't recommended to take the adsl data flow - but it does). But 2 tech guys helped every step of the way. I've been with Pipex and Plusnet before but never had this extensive tech support. I've only had this type of tech service from Datanet; but this time I've gone with Metronet for the pay-as-you-go b/band. Cheers.

  Dipso 23:51 24 Oct 2003

I have been with Metronet for the last 3 months. Although I personally have not yet had any reason to contact them for technical help, I have read several posts click here=
which reiterate what you have said.

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