Excellent support from pcnextday

  islandstate 02:15 30 Mar 2006

I bought a system from Savastore which was faulty. Could not get in touch with them at all, via email or phone, eventually got through to customer service after a few days trying their phone line, had to wait 30 minutes at least, by which point I'd had enough. Returned the system, actually still waiting on them refunding the delivery.

So, had to buy a new system, so decided on pcnextday. Not a lot of mention of them on this forum, but my other choice was MESH, which had bad feedback on here.

Bought my system from Pcnextday, it was faulty. Emailed them the evening I recieved it, and had a response first thing the next day. Their PC support was excellent, and after trying a few things, we decided it was not a software issue, and he advised contacting customer services to arrange a repair. After contacting customer services i was immediately upgraded to a one year on site warranty. I phoned their warranty supplier who took some basic details and assured me they are ordering supplies specific to my system and will call me shortly to arrange a convient time for an engineer to visit and service my system on site.

After my experience with Savastore, this kind of support is a breath of fresh air, and I really do recommend Pcnextday to anyone looking to buy a system with good support.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:53 30 Mar 2006

I would waitb until the repair chap has actually been before praising a company. Anyone can make a promise. You do seem to be unlucky with computers though. ;-))


  GANDALF <|:-)> 08:56 30 Mar 2006

ps.. I would also question why a 'new' computer needs 'supplies' to be ordered. Are they lettign faulty computers out of their factory...if so, recommending them for sending faulty computers is not the best idea. Your praise would hold much more weight if you had received a working computer as you seem to be praising them for sending a faulty computer.


  rdave13 11:02 30 Mar 2006

I bought a Zoostorm computer at the beginning of January from pcnextday.Had a software conflict with mcafee firewall and "windows report" gave me a link to a patch. Running well since. Prior to buying I contacted tech. support about upgrading and opening the case, warranty and windows xp disk etc.,and they were very helpful. Have bought ram and graphics cards from them over the last two years and have had excellent service.One card was delivered late by one day so they refunded the postage.

  spuds 11:56 30 Mar 2006

I would stick with Gandalf's possible theory. Wait till the repair person turns up with the correct parts, and your computer is 100% in running order, before offering high praise.

I recall purchasing a computer about 4 years ago, which had a fault. The company that I purchased it from was very good telephone wise, but when it came to getting a repair by their locally selected contract repair agency, that turned out to be totally different thing.

  Starfox 12:00 30 Mar 2006

As Gandalf says you sure seem to be unlucky with pc's and there does seem to be a lot of faulty new machines around these days.I know they can be knocked about during delivery and components come loose but not all the problems can be attributed to mis-handling.

I wonder what degree of testing these pc's go through before being despatched, if any?

  dth 12:26 30 Mar 2006

good to see positive postings on here

  islandstate 00:39 31 Mar 2006

Agreed that maybe i should have waited until the problem was fully rectified before praising, but at the end of the day, it's the prompt support and customer service that has impressed me.

Yes it is bad luck (or something) to get two faulty PC's in a row!

As for the tech ordering in supplies before calling, I'd call that hedging the bets. Even if the techs are in "strategic locations", I would think they would at least be a 1-2 hour drive from me, and you'd pretty much make sure you had everything with you that would need replacing, just in case.

Will post back when everythings sorted!

  INCOGNITO44 18:39 02 Apr 2006

I have only had good experiences with my order from PCNextDay. They did what they said they would when they said they would and the system works excellently. Not like my MESH laptop which for which I am seeking a refund due to a recurring fault MESH cannot cure and truly dreadful customer service.

  lozparry 20:11 02 Apr 2006

I have bought several items from them and never had an issue. So now I've bought a complete self build from them to build for my brother and his wife.
I did a self build last year (all from Ebuyer) for my daughter and mobo, memory and cpu had to be replaced. What a pain that was!

  islandstate 00:58 20 Apr 2006

The engineer came last week, and since the problem is hard to diagnose, replaced both the MOBO and PSU (as these were the most likely suspects) and the system is now stable and working perfectly.

Just marking this post as resolved, and I am very happy by the support provided by PCNEXTDAY.

There aren't many posts about them, so I'm quite happy to recommend them as in MY experience, they were very helpful with a quick response to emails with my problems.

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