Excellent Service From NTL

  BeeWee 12:47 24 Apr 2006

Last week I had my analogue box top changed to digital. There were teething problems with getting the DVD recorder tuned in. We had visits from engineers and then the chief engineer. That was sorted out and I was given a free month of Family Pack for the inconvenience. Since then I have had follow up calls to make sure if everything is working (on demand and interactive isn't) Consequently another engineer is coming tomorrow to sort it out.
10/10 for NTL I haven't had to make one call to them as they have followed up themselves!

  [DELETED] 12:50 24 Apr 2006

That's good to hear. I had NTL cable installed when they first hooked up our area (Woking), I've forgotten how many years ago! Their customer service at that time was excellent. No idea what it's like now as I live on the IOW.

  [DELETED] 14:52 24 Apr 2006

One word...


  [DELETED] 15:11 24 Apr 2006

Me too. I have been with NTL on Cable TV, Telephone and Broadband since they took over from Bell Cablemedia/Cable and Wireless.

Have been upgraded from 1mb BB to 2mb but since my set top box can only accept up to 1mb they said they would change it. I didn't want that hassle so I asked them if I could have a standalone modem instead. No problem. Two days later an engineer arrived. Installed the modem, rerouted the cable from the set top box, set it all up for me and got it activated. Down time was two hours while they cancelled the BB bit from the set top box and set up another account for the modem. Have had no problems since and can now access at 2mb.

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