Excellent service from Kodak

  alB 17:01 16 Sep 2003

Earlier on in the year I bought a Kodak digital camera off E-bay and all went well for the first few months then for no apparent reason the lens cover stopped closing when the camera was switched off. I called into a well-known High street camera shop who said it could be fixed but it would cost £40 to be sent away and examined and if I decided to go ahead with the repair the £40 examination fee would be taken off the final bill. A couple of days later I contacted Kodak and explained what was wrong and how I came by the camera, after checking the serial number it seems the camera had never been registered and so I got a new 12 month warranty, I was given a Freepost address to send the camera to for repair and yesterday It came back, well not the old one, it looks like it?s just been exchanged for a new or refurbished model, free of charge. Great service from Kodak I think they deserve a round of applause for the way in which they dealt with me. ?alB

  spuds 19:39 16 Sep 2003

I was one of the lucky DX3700 purchasers. Had problems with the camera, and Kodak service was fairly good.They supplied new software and firmware, sent the camera to Belgium for repair.This was all done foc to me,but the camera still as problems. Kodak was still interested in getting matters put right, but I gave up in the end, due to lengthy technical phone calls and internet downloads.

alB- Good luck with your camera, hope all goes well, and you have no further problems.

  alB 22:32 17 Sep 2003

Thanks for that, sorry to hear you had problems with yours, I was given an address in Galashiels to send mine to, a company called "Sykes Europe" who presumably handle repair work for Kodak in this country. If your 3700 is still under guarantee why not try again and see if you get any joy, you've probably got the service number, but just in case it's... 0870 243 0270 you never know, you might just get sorted out this time...Good luck, ...alB

  spuds 23:42 17 Sep 2003

Sykes is one of Kodaks U.K distribution centres. That is possibly why you have received a new/refurbished replacement, instead of a repair.Must say though,that my camera was collected and packaged at my home address by DHL.Custom documents completed, despatched, then returned within the week at no cost to me.Everything was trackable as well.Perhaps I may dust the camera down, and give it another try.Paracetamol and Grecian 2000 at the ready (;o))

  spuds 11:32 21 Sep 2003

Thanks for that ring of confidence.Paracetamol and Grecian 2000, returned to cupboard (;o((

alB -- Appologies for hijacking your posting(;o)

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