Excellent online retailer

  iscanut 09:50 04 Jul 2008

Just thought I would let you know of a good experience. I used an online retailer lambda-tek.com ( Component Shop ) to order a USB External drive. Maxtor One Touch USB2 160Gb, £47.32 inc Vat & delivery.Ordered 14.51 Tuesday, delivered am Wednesday. Very good price and excellent delivery. Have never used them before, but were mentioned in Best Buys in dare I say it..P C Pro !

  Stuartli 13:08 04 Jul 2008

I somehow don't think so.

First place I tried for comparison was Scan:

click here

Delivery equally exceptional as with similar retailers...:-)

  bstb3 13:16 04 Jul 2008

For the same product the Scan price, including delivery, was exactly £50 - £2.68 more than Nuts' price. Not wanting to be argumentative, but have I missed something? :)

click here

Stuartli's link to the 250gb version is only £3.50 more than the 160gb one at scan, so makes more sense to go for that one to me.

Glad to hear positive experiences of retailers.

  iscanut 13:41 04 Jul 2008

Why is it there is always someone who still likes to be negative/criticise. All I wanted to do was to give praise to what I felt was good service. I am sure there are many other retailers out there just as good or even better. I am not getting into an argument as to who is best !

  Stuartli 15:31 04 Jul 2008

I'm not being negative or offering criticism.

Merely the Scottish part of the blood coursing through my veins not liking to pay more than necessary...:-)

All the top online retailers I've dealt with over many years, including Scan, Dabs, e-Buyer, Amazon etc have delivered exactly the type of prices and service you rightly praise.

But I'd much rather have a 250GB drive for a little under £50 than a 160GB model from the same manufacturer for a few coppers more..:-))

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