Excellent customer service from Diskeeper

  Mike D 22:19 19 Jun 2006

I have Diskeeper9 which I have always kept up to date with product updates. However, either since the change of name to Diskeeper from Executive Software or the with release of Diskeeper10, the update link does not work. I e-mailed Diskeeper late last night and received a reply from a real person today which confirmed that updates to version 9 are no longer available but including a link to a full version download of the latest and last update.

Now that's what I call proper customer service, not just the download link (which is gratefully received), but the time taken to give a reply to a customer.

Well done Diskeeper!


  spuds 09:50 20 Jun 2006

It's like all good customer services, the company either provide or they don't. When they do, then they deserve praise, when they don't, they deserve criticism at the highest level.Word of mouth can go a long way, even though we are sometimes accused of 'always' moaning if things go bad.

I recall purchasing a game programme about three years ago from PC World. The programme didn't seem to want to install, so I contacted PCW who advised that I tried the programme manufacturer. This I did at about 4pm in the afternoon. After explaining the problems, I was instructed to do certain things, with the results that the programme still didn't install.At that time, I was on dial-up, and was using a mobile phone for verbal instructions and advice. The end result of that customer support service, was being told to take my problem to PC World "Let them sort it out",with the 'adviser' slamming the phone down. My thoughts at that particular moment was that the adviser had probably come to the end of their shift, and had possibly been asked the same question many times that day, and battle fatigue had set in. Needless to say, I dumped the disk, and have never purchased another item carrying that company's name. Would mention, that I do not see that company name about nowadays, I wonder why!.

Apologies to Mike D for rambling on,and perhaps ruining the thread, that's my rant over for today.

  Mike D 10:31 20 Jun 2006


Not ruined, good behaviour reinforced.


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