Exasparating Problems with Mesh still unresolved!

  [DELETED] 13:27 02 Sep 2003

I feel so aggrieved at the appalling standard of service that I am currently receving from Mesh, I feel compelled to post it on this public forum.

I originally placed my order at the end of July, was promised a delivery date of the 12th of August and everything arrived safely - dream service, no complaints - very happy customer.

Ah... problem, I was missing some of my components and upon checking, the serial number on my PC was different to my delivery note. Mesh contacted me and advised me to return the base unit to them and they would swap it over for me.

Anyway, on Friday 15th of August, we finally caught up and Mesh apologised for the trouble. He explained that he would get some return labels to me, the PC would be picked up and my one would be sent out by return within a couple of days. I explained that I was going away on holiday and if he could get the labels to me the next day (Saturday), I could pack it up and the PC could be collected from my parents house. I was told that he would sign everything off and get the labels to me first class so this could be done... Mistakes happen, I was fine with this and it seemed the guy was on the ball.

Well, the labels did not arrive on the Saturday, they actually arrived on the following Tuesday, the collection was arranged for the Thursday at my Parents house, however, after waiting all day, the collection never happened, no-one turned up! It seems that the delivery/collection only had one line of the address (the wrong one), he did not even know the town or county!

Well, after supplying my work address for a new collection last Wednesday (I was called three times by Mesh to ask me for my postcode), the PC was collected. Now the fun begins....

I was promised a call back twice last Thursday to give me an update - no reply. All I was told was that it was not booked in and my PC could not be sent.

On Friday, after two more phone calls, one of the Customer Services people told me that both machines were being retested before despatch and that I would receive them by the middle of this week. I asked him to check how long it would take and give me a confirmed date as I was not happy with the wait. He hung up and did not call me back (I have his name Mesh if you are reading!). This guy also confirmed that my correct base unit was returned at the end of the previous week.

On Monday, I was told that the unit I sent back was tested and that they could not locate my unit. A call back from someone in their repairs department informed me of this (He has so far been very helpful to the credit of Mesh).

Today, I have received no call back and am now being told that the customer who received my base unit has not sent it back although they do not know! What am I to do??? I am so frustrated by what is a simple exchange!

It is only because of the quality of the PC that I tried for such a short time that I have held out. They seem to have no idea and do not call back to keep me informed!

The case continues. I will now wait on hold for another 15 minutes to get through to customer 'service'... ho hum!


  [DELETED] 13:44 02 Sep 2003

If you could please leave your order number at [email protected] , will look into this immediately and contact you regarding the on line help facility.
MESH Response.

  [DELETED] 13:47 02 Sep 2003

Hmmm, wonderous auto responses - aren't they great! If I had any confidence that this would actually be answered since two that I have already sent have been ignored that I would gladly use this facility!

  [DELETED] 13:49 02 Sep 2003

That was copy of Mesh response from one other PC Advisor thread :-)

  [DELETED] 14:52 02 Sep 2003

Well and truly caught out there! I sent it anyway for what it is worth!

Good call ;)

  [DELETED] 16:09 02 Sep 2003

OK, further update today. I have dealt with a young lady in the repairs department who has looked into the problem and has called me back when she promised, so, credit where credit is due, she has tried her hardest to sort out the problem for me.

It turns out after all that the person who received my system sent it back but it got lost in transit and they are having to build a new system for me. I explained that I needed it urgently by Friday as it is vital for my work.

Well, she has informed me that it will be available to collect from their offices on Friday, but will be unable to deliver it in that time as they have to pick, rebuild and test it.

I am happy with this and hope that I am not let down again. This particular lady has been very helpful and is a credit to Mesh.

Keep this thread open and I will inform you of how this finishes...

/fingers crossed!

  [DELETED] 17:28 02 Sep 2003

Is it just me, or do I think there is no way I would have the time or the energy to get involved in this sort of situation?

Why not just demand your money back and buy one elsewhere?

  [DELETED] 18:19 02 Sep 2003

Ah! just one of the joys of shopping by other means than walking into a shop and parting with your money and walking out with your goods.

Says the man who has just made his first online purchase (and is sitting biting his nails nervously).

  [DELETED] 14:55 03 Sep 2003

.....from my experience it seems that MESH do have some very good people but the structure and culture of the company obviously do not enable the good people to do a good job and to address the causes where things are going wrong.

They probably just do not spend enough on the customer services/support side and put it all into their machines which I suspect probably don't fail all that much more than any other brand. Having said that though I think MESH's name seems to appear here more that any other with regard to these sorts of issues - that must say something.

Not much help though when you do have a problem and need an efficient service.

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