Exactly how long is a warranty?

  ened 16:00 23 Oct 2009

There has been much said in this forum about the legal extension of the twelve month warranty.

It has been mentioned that in fact you have rights for up to two years and I seem to remember somebody suggesting it is longer.

I have a fridge which is eleven months old and the other day it froze everything on the bottom shelf.

I turned it down a bit and have been monitoring it since.

The point is I don't want to go to Comet on a false alarm, neither do I want to go back in three weeks and have them say: "Tough luck mate it is a year and a day"!

I have thought about going in and warning them there might be a problem but I shouldn't think they would take much notice.

So back to the question: is there a definitive answer?

  namtas 16:32 23 Oct 2009

On most reasonably priced articles the warranty document is usually given to you at point of sale. You may be asked for proof of purchase. I would assume that a refrigerator would carry 12 months warranty from date of purchase.

  ened 16:34 23 Oct 2009

That is what the retailer tends to give but I'm sure I remember people posting here that in fact your rights under Consumer Law actually give you longer.

  oresome 16:56 23 Oct 2009

We are actually talking about two different things here.

There is the consumers rights under the sale of goods act where the retailer is reponsible for an almost indeterminate time for goods sold, ( up to something like 6 years) and often in addition, the manufacturer offers a warranty for a defined period.

Trying to get the retailer to accept responsibility for faulty goods outside the manufacturers warranty period, where they are unable to pass the cost of repair on to the manufacturer will be an uphill struggle and often not worth the hassle.

Note that under the SOGA the onus is on the consumer to prove the fault existed at the time of purchase after the first 6 months and in this respect the manufacturers warranty may offer better terms.

  spuds 19:21 23 Oct 2009

You may well find that something like a fridge-freezer as a standard 12 month manufacturers warranty with a possibilty of a yearly extention to the warranty. Some components may offer an even longer term warranty. You may also find that you will receive an offer of further insurance cover from someone like Domestic and General, when your present warranty ceases.

Having had bad customer service dealings with Comet, and can only suggest that you deal with the problem now. Which sounds like a thermostat issue, that may or may not correct itself. £100 would probably see that job right!.

But answering you original question, try Consumer Direct click here

  Forum Editor 19:40 23 Oct 2009

Not really, because like all areas of the law, consumer legislation can be confusing at times.

Your fridge may well be saying farewell to summer by telling you that it's time to alter the temperature control - as ambient temperatures fall, fridges don't have to work quite so hard to keep their contents cool. You've responded to the fridge's tendency to over-cool its interior, and you're monitoring the situation. If you find that there's a definite thermostat fault then your fridge will be covered under the provisions of the sale of goods act. Go back to the retailer and report the problem.

It may not come to that however. With luck all will be well on the new thermostat setting.

  ened 06:21 25 Oct 2009

So far so good!

Thanks for your input.

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