Eveshame Voyager 64 3200+ PROBLEM

  Peter-193152 00:29 28 Aug 2004

The Eveshame Voyager was best buy in the top tens for about 5 months. I bought one for home and work use based on PC advisor buying advice. However it has a fundamental flaw as far (as I am concerned). It cannot project (via LCD projector) video, DVD, moving image etc, whilst showing on screen at the same time. I pointed this out to Eveshame after realising it wasn't a hardware fault and asked for a refund so that I could purchase a machine that is upto the task. Eveshame has given me two reasons why a refund is not approproiate which I feel is a shame. Has anyone out there experienced the same problem? Shouldn't PC advisor highlight this flaw when communicating its advice on laptops so that other subscibers don't waste in excess £1000 for a machine that clearly falls short of expectations. Every other laptop I have used simply plugs and displays dvd, TV Rom etc without any fuss which is why I never gave it a second thought that it wouldn't happen on the Eveshame. Was I naiive?

  Magik ®© 16:20 28 Aug 2004

you can not really blame Evesham if you have woken up in the cold grey light of morning and realized you have purchased the wrong PC.

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