Evesham & XP CDs?

  expertec 13:50 31 Jan 2004

Do Evesham PCs ship with a full copy of Windows XP on CD-ROM?

  anniel 14:10 31 Jan 2004

When I bought my Evesham in December 2003, it came with a system recovery disk for XP Home (my operating system).

I believe from what I have read that this is normal practice with the big suppliers, but maybe someone here knows different.

  powerless 14:36 31 Jan 2004

Desktop - Nov 2002 - Full XP disc, although it says "Product Recovery CD-ROM" on the CD.

Laptop - Dec 2003 - Full XP disc, although it says "Product Recovery CD-ROM" on the CD.

  expertec 19:40 31 Jan 2004

So with this disc I can do a proper clean install of Windows if I ever need to?

  powerless 20:09 31 Jan 2004


  powerless 20:21 31 Jan 2004

Please ask before purchasing.

  expertec 22:57 31 Jan 2004

OK, thanks very much for your help.

What is Windows fully installed already or will I have the option to partition the hard drive during setup?

  powerless 23:04 31 Jan 2004

Already Installed, all software is all ready to use.

1 Partition...

Mine was preactivated!

  Southernboy 00:14 01 Feb 2004

You have to install some yourself. No XP discs included, only Evesham recovery Discs. I understand this can be a problem if the HD fails.

  hoverman 07:34 01 Feb 2004

Same as Powerless with my Evesham PC. The recovery disk supplied has the full Windows XP Home edition on it.

  simonp1 08:10 01 Feb 2004

I found the disk would not do a " complete clean install" it would install but left a lot of info on thier...Once i upgraded my pc then it didnt work anyway..

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