Evesham- wont help a system under warranty

  livewire 18:06 23 Jun 2004

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Evesham wont help me at all with my above problem. I belive that when A system is under warranty an engineer should be sent out when a system needs repair.

The story is that I can no longer start my computer at all and although the HDD is perfectly Health and reporting its size correctly evesham are addament that they will not retreive my data even though it is possible. They say that either I format the disk or nothing. Surely, Evesham should be repairing this and restoring my data under the warranty terms? I have a years worth of School coursework on my computer and If I lose it- im doomed.

It is essential I retrieve my data, but Evesham wont help.

Is there anything I can do to get my data back either myself or Evesham?

While Im writing this I must say Evesham's telephone support services stink badly. I will never be buying an Evesham again. I reciueved better support for my 5 year old gateway computer outside its warranty than Eveshams in warranty support!

Thanks for your help


  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:24 23 Jun 2004

It would be inappropriate for me to mention that backups are vital and self-responsibility.......................I have a feeling that restoring does not come under the warranty terms.

You will have learned a huge lesson here. You could take the HD out of the computer and glue it into another as a slave.


  livewire 18:41 23 Jun 2004

just 4 days ago I ordered an external Hard Disk for that exact purpose- but it hasnt arrived yet and now its to late!

Surely though a 6month year old system should not be failing?

What exactly does a warraty cover? They wont even send out an engineer!

  Rayuk 18:54 23 Jun 2004

Have you downloaded and run the hard drive manufacturers diagnostic software to check if your hard drive is faulty.
If its ok and your data is that important to you buying another drive exactly the same and installing windows on it you should then be able get at your files by installing it as a slave drive.
It could have failed as soon as you received it luck of the draw.

  livewire 19:00 23 Jun 2004

The problem is that my work is still located on a perfect Hard Disk that I can read from.
Is there anyway to reinstall windows without erasing my documnets?

  livewire 19:02 23 Jun 2004

Rayuk, I will try and find some HDD Disg software for my HDD.

However, I am using a laptop computer so Im asuming the HDD is different than normal disks?

  livewire 19:06 23 Jun 2004

Sadly, Thoshiba do not have any tools for my HDD



Also I just tried Norton Uttilities CD and it can perfectly read from My HDD with its Disk Editior tool.


  wee eddie 20:26 23 Jun 2004

Install your HDD as a slave on another PC and then you should be able to read the files within it.

  wee eddie 20:28 23 Jun 2004

You have not said what has gone wrong with your PC.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:28 23 Jun 2004

I think I mentioned this earlier ;-))))


  Rayuk 20:37 23 Jun 2004

You can reinstal windows over the top, your data will still be there but not your programs,confirmation from another would be appreciated.

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