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  mbc 18:35 05 Jul 2004

Is anyone else having problems getting a warranty job done by Evesham?

Bought system nearly 3 years ago-so warranty almost up. Delivery within 24 hours-brilliant. Three warranty jobs done as promised (replacement motherboard, and two failed CD drives)-excellent service, although the failures could be criticized.

However, the motherboard symptoms have returned, and I reported this nearly 4 weeks ago. The advisor at E said we should try a new battery first. When this failed to arrive in the post, I contacted them again and was told that it had definitely been sent out, but they would send another. This did not arrive neither, so yet another was sent. Still not arrived. So there are now allegedly three batteries in the post.

Surely the Royal Mail is not this inefficient? Or is there something more sinister afoot?

The last time I had problems like this with a PC manufacturer was with Quantex, and we know what happened to them.

Am I alone in experiencing these problems with E, or are there others too?

  ened 18:48 05 Jul 2004

Why don't you try getting the battery locally?

  mbc 18:56 05 Jul 2004

ened-please read the thread-it could be the motherboard, but E want to try a new battery-their battery. If I use one from another source E may not fulfil the warranty. Anyway the thread is not about the physical problem, but about the difficulties in getting an action from E, and is this because of some bigger problem which may be of interest to PCA readers.

  oresome 19:22 05 Jul 2004

I don't want to go down the conspiracy theory route, but why aren't Evesham fitting the battery if it's covered under the warranty? In my opinion, the less you touch it internally during the warranty, the better.

  mbc 19:30 05 Jul 2004

oresome-(nice name !)- the 3rd year is return to base, hardly economical at £40 just for a battery.It was their suggestion that we should first try a new battery. On the conspiracy theory, I just find it very peculiar that having such good service from E, that I now seem to be getting the run around. Why?

  spuds 22:17 05 Jul 2004

"warranty almost up". Could that be the answer!.

  Forum Editor 01:20 06 Jul 2004

but I think I can safely say they would not invalidate any warranty simply because you tried the obvious remedy of fitting a new battery on the motherboard. It makes perfect sense to try it - especially in view of the fact that Evesham have suggested just that. Three batteries could conceivably get lost in the post but if a client tried to tell me that he/she had sent three cheques in payment of my fee account and none of them arrived I would be knocking on their door in double-quick time.

Try the battery replacement remedy - if you've had the motherboard in the machine for over two years it could conceivably be the solution, but as you haven't described the symptoms I can't be more helpful. If that doesn't work then you'll need to decide what to do next. I personally doubt that there's some dastardly plot at Evesham to do you out of your rights under the terms of your warranty, and you may decide that a firm (yet polite) phone call is better than another email.

  mbc 16:51 06 Jul 2004

I have already tried the firm (yet polite) approach-no luck. I have been assured by one of E's reps that by informing them of the problem within the warranty period, then whatever the solution be, it will be done-so no plot to do me out of my warranty rights-I was never really concerned about that anyway.

It has now gone beyond money or rights-I am greatly intrigued as to why they keep assuring me the batteries have been sent, yet none have arrived. My address has been checked-no problem there. I suggested that they send it by recorded delivery or by registered post (are they the same things?), yet they refuse, saying it will be sent by first class mail.

The problem is that the motherboard clock works fine when the machine is on, but stops dead when it is switched off. Why I assume that this is a fault in the motherboard, is that exactly the same happened a year ago. When I reported this the rep immediately said that it most likely was the mb, as it was a known problem with that model. There was no suggestion then of trying a new battery, and he made arrangements for a technician to call and fit a new mb-the tech could have tried a new battery when he was here. The new mb was exactly the same model as the old.

As I say, it not now a question of cost-I could easily fit a new battery myself, or even a new mb if need be.

I have received an E-mail from the Eveshan support group asking for my details-thanks guys, so that they can chase it up, but at the moment I would rather not receive preferential treatment just because I am a PCA reader. I may take up your offer as a last resort. At the moment I wish to remain as Joe Public, to see what happens.

I am a fan of Evesham, but this has shaken me a little. Let's say that I sent the machine back to have a new mb fitted-if they cannot get a battery to me, what chance a PC?

  son-of-a-gun 08:38 07 Jul 2004

I’ve had two PCs from Evesham & this shake’s me up too, I suggest you telephone and ask for Jonathan Jackson, I sure he’s the customer support manager.

Let us know how you get on, I would be very interested.
or if you want e:mail him direct

[email protected]

[email protected]

  mbc 21:57 07 Jul 2004

Bingo-battery arrived this morning, is fitted, and has cured the problem. Well done.

What is peculiar, though, is that the note inside the package was dated 6 July, and the package was delivered by recorded delivery. I was told on Friday the 2 July that it would be sent out that day, and on no account would they use recorded delivery. ??????????

I suspect that the Evesham support group have played a part in this. Is that right Carolyn?


  achilles 12:37 08 Jul 2004

wish I had been responsible, but without basic details, like postcode or something distinctive, I couldn't find you if I tried (which I did and found out it was impossible-we have just over a million people registerd on our databases) The reason it went recorded is a safety measure-we don't do it normally but if we get a report of non delivery, we often send recorded-occasionally people have forgotten they've received something on normal mail or we have an area where things go missing regulary in the post, so our despatch team judge if it's necessary to record or not.

Sorry I couldn't intervene but glad that the battery solved your problem---do you think if I told Gameboy that my son's batteries had run out again, they'd send me some?



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