Evesham and Windows Media Player v.10

  snushall 16:43 08 Jun 2006

I have experienced problems with a new Evesham PC, running Windows Media Center 2005 Edition, over the last 2-3 weeks.
I have less than full functionality with WMP v.10 - unable to open library, rip or burn audio (using front screen tabs) without "system encountering a problem and needing to close".
Have spent hours on the phone to Evesham Technical Support. On their instructions, I have removed and reinstalled WMP(twice now), removed selective anti-virus and spyware software ... and, as from yesterday, my internet connection. I have reluctantly restored the PC to it's factory settings (twice in last 24 hours, using PC Angel Lite) The WMP problem still persists however. Evesham now suggest that Creative Media Source Player (supplied with pre-installed Creative X-Fi soundcard) is possibly conflicting with WMP? Don't understand why they would release both products to me if this were the case? Have friends that successfully use both products with Creative Zens etc
Has anyone experienced similar problems with WMP and Creative's MS Player on a Media Center 2005 system?
Very frustrated with all this, and losing patience with Evesham. Have rang them every day this week. Have just agreed to a possible return of the processor if yet further call to Evesham tomorrow (again at my time and expense) does not yield cause of problems. We're intending to review relevant error messages ... but can't help thinking that we'll be revisiting old ground that we're already covered in the last few days!
Please help ... Evesham are suggesting that I might be without the PC for up to 10 days if this is not resolved tomorrow!!

  FatboySlim71 21:52 08 Jun 2006

I also have an Evesham PC and have not experianced your problems. I have always found Evesham very very helpful, Evesham only make the PC's not the software, so its pointless having a go at them, it sounds like Evesham are doing as much as they can, thats what I have always found with them as well.

  dontmeshwithme 08:59 09 Jun 2006

Although evesham did not did not write the software they are still responsible for the correct running under an OEM agreement. Just out of curiosity have you tried WMP 11 Beta, if this works then at least (in theory) you know the problem is with WMP10, and hey you might even prefer the look of it.

  FatboySlim71 11:13 09 Jun 2006

Fair enough but, there is no way that a PC manafacturer can test every piece of software with their PC's. I agree something like WMP10 should run ok with any PC. I think in the end Evesham will come good and sort the problem out, one way or another, I have always found them very good in the customer service department.

  snushall 11:57 09 Jun 2006

Thanks folks for your input.
Following a further call to Evesham today, it seems likely that my WMP v.10 problems are due to my having been supplied with an out-of-date driver for my nvidia g-force 7900 graphics card, that also came pre-installed. My current driver is nv4_disp.dll, version no. 6.14.0010.8421 (english).
This remains to be tested, and I've agreed to download the appropriate software from my work PC later today and have Evesham talk me through its installation ... beginning to doubt that I can undertake even this (presumed) simple task, and don't want to give Evesham the opportunity to deflect further responsibility.
Still can't believe that it's taken this long to resolve a problem that Evesham could have reasonably foreseen. If it fails, I'm mindful to reject the PC and seek redress for the inconvenience (some 14 calls to Support now this month alone!)
Keeping my fingers crossed that it will get sorted ...
Thanks again all for your comments and help.

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