Evesham! Where is my commission? ;)

  Goatee 16:14 10 Feb 2003

As well as spending over £2,500 on a PC myself. I have convinced 2 others to part with over £1000 for an Evesham PC and no doubt I will be persuading more in the future :) Or will I?

Although I had a run of problems with my Evesham system, which I bought this time last year, I was still impressed by their high level of service and manner in which they solved my problems. Therefore, I recently directed my girlfriends family to the Evesham website as I felt sure that if an issue did occur with their new system then they would be looked after professionally with the Evesham onsite warranty.

So after a lengthy conversation, my friends took the blunge and I ordered an Axis 2400+SK on their behalf.

As I know these systems can turn up out of the blue, I phoned up after almost a week and enquired about delivery times. So, on Friday I was told that the system would 'DEFINATELY' be delivered today - Monday. Therefore, my girlfriends dad stayed in all day and I finished work early so I could check the system spec and get it up and running in good time. At 3:00pm the PC hadn't arrived. I phoned Evesham and was told that the PC had left them today and would be delivered tomorrow :((( Consequently, I had to change the delivery address to my own, which now means I have to stay in and await delivery when I should really be sleeping prior to night shift.

Naturally, my friends are disappointed but still have faith in me when I say all will turn out well (fingers crossed). I am left a little embarrassed :-0

So, for those looking to buy an Evesham PC then please pop back to this thread and see how things develop. Hopefully, tommorrows news will be happy.

BTW, I was obviously only joking about the commission. However, could 'recommend a friend schemes' work with PC vendors. I think the idea has potential (for me anyway ;)

Oh yea, another friend also ordered an evesham system recently but had to cancel when he realised the 19inch monitor was going to be waaayyyy to big for his room. However, as soon as he has decided on an alternative or maybe saved up for a decent TFT then there could be another order for Evesham (if all goes well).

Will update soon.

  bfoc 16:38 10 Feb 2003

I was told by Evesham that they DO have a recommendation system, you simply enter the relevant order numbers.

Contact the salesperson, for details.

Let us know what happens.

  Forum Editor 16:40 10 Feb 2003

I hardly think that a 24 hour hour delivery delay warrants a thread in Consumerwatch.

Don't hesitate to let us know if you have a real consumer problem, I can't see any point in continuing with this however.

  oresome 16:41 10 Feb 2003

Rule 1 Never stick your neck out!

  bfoc 16:44 10 Feb 2003

The actual link is click here

Not much perhaps but every little...

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