Evesham - Well Done

  bfoc 18:01 18 Mar 2003

Just a shortish note to say how helpful I found Evesham when I had problems with a newly delivered machine. It did take some waiting to get through to Tech Support on a Saturday but they did their best and rang me back when they said they would.

Unfortunately nothing helped and an engineers visit was needed. Engineer called on the Tuesday, within 2 working days. That didn't resolve it and after an email to [email protected] I had a reply in minutes from Sebastian.

After some very amicable discussion he pulled out all the stops to get a replacment machine to me within the week, with a different, and I hope, more stable spec!

New machine stable, steady and reliable and supplied at a very, very good price!

Well done Evesham.

  Djohn 18:12 18 Mar 2003

It's always nice to hear good news. Well done Evesham, and many happy hours of use to you, bfoc! J.

  ROCKHARD 18:43 18 Mar 2003

Like 'bfoc' I can only praise Evesham - faulty DVD replaced 'on site'without any hassle. The engineer turned up at the time given - very polite & amiable. Well done and thanks.

  Bazilbrush 03:06 01 Jul 2003

I had professional curtesy both at the shop and helpline, but the TV card they sold me never worked properly and is now on my wifes computer with win95. It was never replaced even when the techy they sent out to replace my motherboard couldn't get it to run either.
Now my CDR/WR has stopped working and the machine is in its extended warrantee period Evesham seem to have given up as well.
Phil Clark replied to my plea that I couldn't back up now on 23rd May and since the promise of a phone call from them and my sending pleaing reminders I have just had automated responses

  jivebaby 09:06 01 Jul 2003

My daughter has an Evesham and even though the PC isn't fantastic, it is reliable and the service is excellent.

Well done.

  bfoc 16:50 01 Jul 2003

Sorry you have had problems, have you tried the email address I gave above?

  Troodles 17:45 10 Jul 2003

I bought my computer from Evesham in April 2003 which was delivered on time. I have only had one problem, which was the sound and the technical team were excellent in rectifying the problem.

  scottishwhite 21:32 10 Jul 2003

I bought my PC from Evesham in November 2001, 18 months later I am still very happy with my PC and the support I have needed has been given promptly (no endless hanging on the phone) and correctly.

With my PC system I got a Cambridge Soundworks 4.1 speaker system (FPS1000) a very capable system. Unfortunately my volume control lead has given up the ghost. I contacted Evesham who sympathised and said the the speakers are out of warranty. I then started looking for a replacement lead which I could not find anywhere. As a last resort I contacted Creative to see if I could purchase a replacement lead. After a series of emails Creative have offered to despatch a new (and updated) speaker system (FPS 1600) free of charge!!!

  Tazfan 18:49 12 Jul 2003


Im having problems with a Creative product, and I emailed them aboutit, but as yet have heard nothing back. Hoe did you contact them? Do you still have the address you used?

Sorry, I know its off topic.

  scottishwhite 19:10 12 Jul 2003

[email protected] , it took me a while to find their email address details.

  scottishwhite 10:26 14 Jul 2003

Well I got my speakers today from Creative and didn't get the FPS1600s, once again Creative have come up trumps and supplied me with the 4.1 4400 speakers!!

Anyway I'm off to deafen the neighbours!!

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