Evesham... Wear and Tear?

  livewire 14:33 11 Jun 2007

I was wondering what the consumer rights are regarding wear and tear of notebooks?

My 6th month Evesham Voyager notebook has started to wear where I am resting my hand while typing on the keyboard. The wear makes the notebook look quite unsightly. Pic:
click here

(it does look worse than the pic entails)


click here

I was wondering, should Evesham be taking any responsibility for this? I know wear and tear of plastics is not usually covered by warranty - but the notebook is less than 6 months old and the wear is only going to get worse.

Ive never seen a notebook wear in such away this one has.

Is there anything I can do at all?

After all, this "damage" to the plastics is not actually my fault.. surely the machine should not wear under what would be normal usage?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:54 11 Jun 2007

The 'wear' is caused by sweat from your hands inter reacting with the paint used that is blown over to coat the plastic. You can cut 2 matching pads from sticky back plastic and place them on each side of the touchpad. This will prevent further 'stains'. I would imagine that 'wear' caused by bodily fluids would not be the responsibility of Evesham.


  pj123 16:37 11 Jun 2007

Don't know about Evesham responsibility but as an ex typing instructor, you shouldn't be resting your hands whilst typing.

Your forearms should be parallel to the floor and only your fingertips should be touching the keys.

  PalaeoBill 16:43 11 Jun 2007

My friends Dell latitude was bought at the same time as mine and has had the same continuous use as mine. His looks like yours and mine is merely a little shiny; I rest both wrists on the unprotected plastic as well. I think Evesham could argue that the wear is down to you.

  jimmybond 17:59 11 Jun 2007

As Gandalf has pointed out, it's due to the sweat from your hands, breaking down the chemicals in the paint.

This is a common issue with laptops in general, and particularly the clevo chassis which yours is.

I have the same one, albeit a rock laptop. It's a well known problem, many people do as suggested, and stick plastic/rubber padding either side of the trackpad.

You won't get anywhere trying to claim anything from evesham. Anyway - I've seen worse - you obviously aren't a hard core gamer ;-)

  livewire 18:22 11 Jun 2007

Oh right.. I didnt know was that common - ive seen a fair few laptop models but never one with such paticular wear..

I still think its all a bit cheeky though, I guess laptops arnt made as good as they used to be in terms of plastics. :(

  jack 20:32 11 Jun 2007

I wonder if it not so mach wear but as pointed out oils from your hand on the surface.
Have you tried cleaning?
An alcohol based cleaner - like a moist-wipe for example.
or moist cotton wool detergent water squeezed out make sure none gets where it should not of course.

  livewire 20:48 11 Jun 2007

Ah thanks for the tip, I could try that I guess.. but there's a hole right next to the "wear" where the lid closes. I can see the mainboard through the hole.. so I dont think I should try any liquids!

  jimmybond 23:24 11 Jun 2007

"I wonder if it not so mach wear but as pointed out oils from your hand on the surface"

No - I guarantee you - it's the paint coming off ;-)

You could try rubbing it like mad with detergent and cleaning solutions, but it will just make it worse!

  livewire 23:43 11 Jun 2007

Its just so annoying :(

You pay lots of money for something that looks like its old and dated just by looking at the worn chassis :(

You buy a cheaper notebook and the chassis holds up like new!

:( :(

Whats more overtime its only going to get worse and worse.

How much do reckon it will cost to replace the chassis shell?

  jimmybond 23:58 11 Jun 2007

"How much do reckon it will cost to replace the chassis shell?"

I reckon you should try and live with it, it's only a bit of cosmetic damage really, you still have a great laptop.

Try not to let it bother you, it's there to be used and it's going to get wear and tear.

No offence, but replacing the chassis is kind of crazy for a bit of paint damage - it would be easier just to buy a can of spray paint! If you start to go down that road, you'll be replacing the screen at £500 a pop, as soon as the first scratch appears etc etc...

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