robes1986 00:29 23 Jun 2006

In August 2004 I ordered a Voyager 6400 A32 laptop from Evesham Technology and since its arrival have had nothing but trouble with the machine and the company. I was wondering if anyone could offer any advice or has been in a similar situation with this company, who pride themselves on excellent customer care (something we are yet to see!).

Sorry if this is a bit long but here goes …

Problems have included:

- Crashing and restarting in safe mode due to the ATI driver failing
- Restarting for no apparent reason and then would fail to reboot
- Booting up but having no Task Bar or desktop icons
- Programs frequently performing illegal operations and closing
- Being unable to remove unwanted programs
- Slow running
- ‘Stop error caused by a device driver’ error
- Being unable to run graphics intensive programs (despite being assured it could on purchase)
- Documents windows being unresponsive, freezing and closing

I had to start using another computer instead to complete my work as this one proved too unreliable!

I contacted technical support several times over this duration and eventually this got too much so I returned the laptop to Evesham for repair at the start of January 2006.

Received the laptop back at the end of February 2006 only to find further problems!

- Laptop turned off due to excessive overheating.
- CD/DVD drive stuck
- Unable to rename files without rendering them unreadable

Returned to Evesham in March 2006 for second repair. Received back May 2006 only to find the CD/DVD drive didn’t work. A technician came out to replace this. I then found that the battery was only able to hold about 3 minutes worth of charge despite 4 hours + of charging and the indicator saying it had 3 hours battery life.

I am still waiting to hear from them regarding the battery problem – which it did not have before sent in for repair and now feel that I am being ignored as an ‘annoying and fussy customer.’

Evesham admitted that there was a problem with the motherboard and problems experienced have been hardware not software related (therefore their responsibility) – which would have been inherent in the laptop and there since day 1 however have refused on several occasions to offer us a replacement or refund as they feel we have had ‘reasonable’ use of it.

I worked out the other day that we have had this machine for 21 months, 6 of which it has been with them for repair or completely unusable, 3 of them I have relied on another computer to do my university work and for the remaining 12 months I have not been able to run any graphics based programs on it or modeling software as it could not handle it – despite buying it on the assurance that it was more than capable. Does this sound like ‘reasonable’ use to anyone else?

The machine has been sent in for repair twice, been the subject of many emails/phone calls to technical support, and has had an engineer come out to repair it. We have not experienced any of this so called ‘excellent’ customer service. We felt so wronged that we even wrote to one of the Managing Directors – only to receive a letter back from the person we had been dealing with in customer service – suggesting he did not even take the time to read it.

I am currently a student studying for my degree and have found these problems very disruptive to my course and have frequently lost coursework I have been working on.

I now have absolutely no confidence in Evesham Technology and would certainly NEVER buy a computer from them again. We received a faulty product from them and it has been subject to 2 ‘repairs’ and has come back from both ‘repairs’ with either the same problems or ones which were not there before!

Is anyone able to offer any advice on what to do with this matter or has anyone else found themselves in the same situation with this company?

Some advice to potential Evesham customers – tread with caution – if your machine works fine and has no problems you will probably find them a most agreeable and helpful company that you would assume has excellent customer care – however if you find yourselves one of those with a faulty machine then don’t expect much help or sympathy!!!


A very disgusted customer

  spuds 09:40 23 Jun 2006

robes1986-- Apologies if I am wrong, but by the username, I would suspect that you are studying for the legal profession. If I am correct, would it not be practical to consult with one of the college tutors about the problems that you have experienced. I am sure, they would offer better advice than perhaps Consumer Direct click here could offer.

Having said that, the time span from August 2004, doe's seem to imply that you have had 'reasonable' use of the product. But this doesn't say that things are correct in your views, and those of Evesham's. I have always found that Evesham do offer that little bit more than perhaps other companies, in respect of customer care, if forum's like this are anything to go by.But I know those views are perhaps not solving your own problem at present.

My only suggestion at this stage, is for you to make it quite clear that you are requesting further help in getting a full and capable working machine. If necessary, seek advice on the six year ruling of consumer law,either by consulting Consumer Direct or someone with legal knowledge of consumer law, if any warranty claims are being refused.You do not seem to mention the type of warranty being provided on this product, and knowing more about this could make a slight difference perhaps.

Regarding losing work, then the golden rule is to always 'back-up' everything that you do, but I suspect that you already know and do this!.



Your problem is a slight 'blip' in the system, nothing dramatic as you would seem to imply. Much worse things have happened to other people, due to sales and service confusions. Think, what is your gain is Evesham's loss in respect of a possible sale.

Taking about Dab's excellent service is neither there or here, until you use the service. Building your own computer may prove totally successful, then on the other hand, what happens if compatibility of parts comes into the equation. I am sure Dab's will not send out a service engineer to solve the problem. Emails, telephone calls will be the order of the day, to seek remedies of any problems. I would point out that Dab's have had fair criticism in the past for poor service, and they have also had congratulations on good service, that is the workings of the business world. Whether this will get better or worse, now that Dabs is a BT owned company, time will only tell.

I would perhaps suggest that you start your own thread, and let the forum know how you get on with your self build!.

  robes1986 09:50 23 Jun 2006

Hi Spuds - unfortunately I'm not studying Law - although now I wish I was!

The main reason I didn't send it in to them before is technical support constantly told me that the problem was software based - i.e. not their problem and not their responsibility and refused to come out to honour the onsite maintenance because they believed the problem was most likely something to do with some software I had installed! However they have since admitted it is not my fault.

I just wish I had returned it to them earlier and not listened to them at first because as you quite rightly say I am at their mercy now!

I have looked into building my own PC however at the moment cannot justify it as I still have a 1000 pound faulty laptop!

The main reason I posted this was to see if anyone else has had problems with evesham laptops and if they have had such a hard time as us in dealing with them. Although any advice is glady received!

I appreciate that the majority of customers are happy but just think it you were me, that 1 unhappy customer in 1000 or whatever it is.

  spuds 10:57 23 Jun 2006


I fully appreciate the one unhappy customer syndrome, I think most of us have been there at one time or another. But that doesn't solve your immediate concern.

Regarding your initial opening of complaints, I too would have suspected and suggested 'rogue' programme problems.If all these had been pre-installed at original purchase time,and no further 'suspect' programmes had been installed by yourself, then I would have insisted the computer was returned for further investigations. Most manufacturers cannot find a fault via a telephone conversation, especially if its 'software related' and perhaps something that the customer as installed at a later date. So in a sense, Evesham technical was possibly providing the best advice at that moment in time.

I would still advice that you perhaps had a word with Consumer Direct or your local CAB, Trading, Standards, Consumer Advice Centre. Here is some information that could be of interest click here

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:57 23 Jun 2006

Thread + hijack.


  961 11:09 23 Jun 2006

It's a bit late to sort this easily now. If by any chance it was bought on finance that is still running you could involve the finance company on the basis that the goods are not of merchantable quality. Or the credit card company if it was paid that way

Trading standards may help or another letter by special delivery to the MD asking for consideration to an allowance against a new computer. I realise you are unhappy with the company but it could be one way out of the present situation

  Woolwell 12:55 23 Jun 2006

I am intrigued by the intensive graphics programs. I think that it would help if you gave details of your graphics card and amount of RAM and which programs (type of) that you are trying to run. It could be that the laptop is working extremely hard and therefore generating heat which may be the cause of some of your problems. Evesham didn't install these programs but you state that they advised that it would be suitable. I wonder if there just maybe an element of mis udnerstanding of how demanding your programs would be when it was sold to you.

  robes1986 13:42 23 Jun 2006

Hi Woolwell. Don't know specifics off hand but can try find them, its an ATI driver, 512ram, 60GB hard disk with either 32 or 64 bit graphics (my friend has almost the exact same system as me but by a different manufacturer and has had no problems).

In respect to the graphics programs - I experienced graphics related problems from the second week - well before I owed or had installed any of that software, the only software on it was office, and norton.

The overheating was not an issue I had before it went in for its first repair - this was an issue that the laptop came back from repair with and would overheat after about 5 minutes of just being turned on (no other programs installed or running). The second repair was to try to solve this new problem.

With regard to a misunderstanding - I found a detailed spec for the programs I would be using and took this with me to the showroom - again these programs run fine on an almost identical system by a different manufacturer.

Hope this clears some things up.

  €dstowe 13:54 23 Jun 2006

You seem to have shown amazing patience with this.

Nearly two years with a rogue machine????

If it were mine, it would have been back on the suppliers doorstep waiting for action (preferably refund) within a day of the first sign of things not being right.

  Woolwell 14:37 23 Jun 2006

Thanks for clearing that up. It looks as if they have made a poor effort to resolve the issue. To come back from repair overheating is unacceptable.

  lavella 21:04 25 Jun 2006


What has a problem with mesh got to do with a problem with Evesham?

I can't help but be a little suspicious about that post. It almost seems like someone feels Mesh hasn't been mentioned enough so it's mentioned here to maybe deflect attention from Evesham???

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