Evesham Technology - 10 weeks and still no E-Box

  gaven2 10:12 21 May 2004

I have had to cancel my order for a Media Centre, which was ordered on March 17th and delivery promised within 2 weeks, since then I have had all manner of excuses, including the usual component shortages, and supplier difficulties, however on April 24th I discovered that at that date they still did not have authorisation from INTEL for the e-box plan, so how cvould they have promised a 2 week delivery?. I have now cancelled the order after 10 weeks of frustration, and they say "We will not be paying compensation" in spite of the broken contract, and that they debited my card on April 17th. Let this be a warning to anyone thinking of dealing with Evesham.

  spuds 12:59 21 May 2004

If you think Evesham have done you injustices via your credit card debit, then contact your credit card company, and air your complaint. Taking payment on the knowledge that they are unable to supply, is using your [the credit card] money, which could have tipped you in an overdraft high interest rate situation.Not saying it would have done, but could have done.

  gaven2 13:43 21 May 2004

The card was debited on March 17th, not April 17th as I stated earlier.

  spuds 14:17 21 May 2004

Have you received a credit from Evesham, in respect of the credit card payment and E-Box cancellation.

  gaven2 14:39 21 May 2004

I sent a letter on May 19th to the M.D. outlining my complaints and stating that as time was of the essence I was unwilling to wait any longer. I received a letter of reply today saying that the order had been cancelled, and that no compensation would be offered. No mention has yet been made as to the credit card.
Also I have no faith in their customer service, I replied to their last e-mail over a week ago, but received no reply.

  Gemma 15:56 21 May 2004

It is normal that the merchant agreement between a business and and the card company does not allow a credit card to be charged until the goods are despatched. The transaction could have been authorised and the amount would have reduced your credit availabilty - this is normal. Contact your card company and advise them of your concerns.

  gaven2 18:17 21 May 2004

I have contacted my card company, they have not received the credit to date, but they are going to take up the case on my behalf. How can a company debit my card, promise delivery 8 weeks ago, and yet say they refuse any compensation, leaving me out of pocket. Is it worth contacting Trading Standards or The office of fair trading, as this must surely contravene trading standards.
As a final insult the letter I received after writing to the Managing Director states "should you choose to purchase from us in the future you will experiance both the quality of product and service for which we have become famous" surely it sholld read INFAMOUS.

  spuds 19:02 21 May 2004

'as this must surely contravene trading standards', sorry it doesn't, hence my concern in the credit card pre-payment, and possible suggestion.

  anchor 20:05 21 May 2004

Send an e-mail to the dedicated Evesham forum address, giving full details.

[email protected]

  gaven2 13:52 07 Jun 2004

It is now 12 weeks since the order was placed,I cancelled the order on May 19th, I received a reply confirming the cancellation and stating that no compensation would be paid, no mention was made of the refund to my credit card. I phoned customer care on May 26th and after some hassle they returned my call saying that the refund had been processed and promised me faithfully that my card would be credited in 2 days. I have been away for 10 days and on my return I contacted my card company who say that no refund has been received. I can honestly say that this is the worst company I have ever dealt with in my life, the customer means nothing to them, all they are interested in is grabbing the cash and hanging on to it as long as possible, they must be desperate. I would not touch EVESHAM TECHNOLOGY again with a bargepole, at least I know that I can reclaim the cash from my card company, and after a meeting with trading standards this morning they will be keeping a watch on this case.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:20 07 Jun 2004

This is not very good at all, I await the outcome with some interest.


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