Evesham supply a "mute" modem

  anchor 16:23 03 May 2005

In April I took delivery of my new Evesham PC. I have broadband, so did not need to immediately set up the modem to dial a ISP. On doing so this weekend, I noticed that I did not hear the familiar twanging sound. However, the connection was made satisfactorily. I suspected that the modem speaker setting needed adjusting, but found that it was already set to "on".

I sent a fax today, (with Winfax), but was unable to hear the dialling or ringing tones, or the "handshake" sounds. I consider it important to hear if the number called is engaged, or even ringing!. On occasions I have sent faxes and the number rings, but it seems that the recipients fax machine may be switched off. I have then used an alternative number.

Suspecting there was a modem fault, I called Evesham technical support, and was informed that the modem, (which device manager states is a "CNXT V92 data/fax/voice"), fitted to my new PC does not have a speaker, thus no sound would ever be heard.

I asked if they could change the modem to another with a speaker, and they reply was yes, but only if approved by customer services. I have sent an e-mail requesting this, and am awaiting a reply.

I have had a number of PC`s and notebooks over the years, all with in-built modems, and have never had a "mute" one. Has anyone else experienced this phenomena?.

  [email protected]@ 17:19 03 May 2005

Didn't know there was such a thing,thanks for the info anchor,something to watch out for when ordering my new pc,next month finances permitting.:o)

  wiz-king 05:38 04 May 2005

I allways turn sound off, cant stand the strangled moggie noise. The fax program I use will tell me whether the fax was received, busy or was a voice line. I have a phone by the computer so I can allways have a listen if I want to.

  DieSse 11:05 04 May 2005

Yes - they're quite correct - many new modems do not have a "sounder" (they never have a speaker these days).

Some will give out their "noises" over the normal sound system - so try making sure this is turned up when you dial, in case you have one like this.

  anchor 12:30 04 May 2005

I had a phone call from Evesham today.

They suggested going to "Windows Update" and install the updated modem driver. They thought this should enable modem sounds to be played through the normal PC speakers.

I am pleased to report that this worked, and I am now content.

Thank you Evesham.

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