Evesham -- Still alive?

  RobHague 13:08 01 Jul 2008

I have been trying to contact Evesham's Support via email but have recieved no response.

Their website is still up displaying the notebook I purchased before Christmas in 2007 (day before actually XD) but the link isnt found. Other than that they appear to be trading just desktops, but still, no response to my emails on support (my notebook has been overheating).

I know they went into Admin, but i thought Geemore took them over and is taking care of all warrenties and such.

  interzone55 13:17 01 Jul 2008

If Geemore are handling warranties try giveing Time UK a call

click here

  oldbeefer2 13:38 01 Jul 2008

I tried emailing them (Evesham)several times with no response. Thier website still shows the TV I bought a year ago!

  Woolwell 14:57 01 Jul 2008

The original Evesham went bust and the business name was bought out by Geemore (similar to Time). As I remember the old warranties went at the same time as the original Evesham went and Geemore did not agree to take over the warranties. You could get support from another company and there are various threads in this forum about that but it was at a cost.

When I Evesham had problems I realised that my warranty was worthless. I regret that they will probably not support your laptop.

Your laptop may just need a good clean and you may well find someone locally who can do that.

  RobHague 14:59 01 Jul 2008

Yeah but i remember that was when they originally went into admin. I rang Evesham a month or so ago and asked them about warrenty and they asked me when i bought the notebook, i told them the date and they said it was still under warrenty with Geemore.

I will give them a ring on the number and see if i get a response.

  spuds 15:20 01 Jul 2008

If you have no success with Geemore, then try your credit card or finance company, if you paid by this means for the notebook and warranty.

  RobHague 15:40 01 Jul 2008

Incidentally its not caused by dust. I took the bottom cover off to check and its pretty clean inside. Fans are working full blast... yet the HDD temp is going well over the specified "Max Temp" (i checked up) and the GPU temp is always hot, and recently so hot that the entire thing crashed and when i rebooted showed green and red dots all over the BIOS screen.

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Anyway i rang Evesham's number and someone answered calling it "Evesham Sales".

I told them i wanted Technical Support and they told me that Evesham was bought by Geemore when it went into Administation (which i knew). Anyway the guy on the phone seemed to be trying to sell me a new warrenty by direct debit :/ though eventually I found out that the notebook is covered still but "only for parts and labour". What he wanted to sell me was cover for more than one item with a 10p min technical support number and such.

Problem now it seems is that to get to any form of support for my warrenty (to arrange for me to send it back for them to do something with it) I have to call a £1 a min number!?....

  RobHague 15:53 01 Jul 2008

Btw i checked the number they gave me and it lead me to this website:-

click here


  RobHague 16:15 01 Jul 2008

And the saga continues... I rang the Freephone number on that website (for sales), and explained that had happend. The girl on the phone was very helpful and cant understand why Evesham/Geemore would give me that number, they provide warrenties, they dont honor ones by other people.... so basically i would have called them for nothing. Anything bought after August 2007 from Evesham was bought from Geemore (thats when they took over) so im still covered. Anyway she gave me the number for Geemore, which i rang. No answer.

I whacked the number into google and it took me back to Eveshames webpage. Techinical Support.

Funny their "sales line" answers but not Tech Support, im just trying "Customer Care" now.

Ok, got through and they gave me another number XD Ill try that now....

  RobHague 16:22 01 Jul 2008

Ok (really wish i could just edit my post) that number took me to "Total Care Support" again... who told me i have no warrenty with them and need to buy it since Evesham went into Liquidation.

But Evesham went into Liquidation after i bought my notebook, i bought it with the new company Geemore... which is what the lady said as she gave me this number which was supposed to be Geemore technical support. I have a headache.. :(

  RobHague 19:04 01 Jul 2008

Ok, in the end i tried the Technical Support number on Evesham again, and this time i got an answer. After about 20mins explaining the problem i finally got an RMA# and told to phone Custom Services to arrange pick-up.

The guy on the phone seemed pretty helpful (unlike their sales line) so ill see what happens.

I'd warn anyone who phones Evesham to becarful they dont end up buying a warrenty they dont need, when enquring about an existing one. Anything bought after August 27th 2007 was under Geemore and is still valid warrenty wise. The sales guys attempt to 'cash in' on the confusion over who is responsible for warrenty was pretty shamless. Because even after i said no, he didnt give me the correct number -- he gave me a £1 a min premium number that was nothing to do with them.

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