EVESHAM still advertising

  sunny staines 11:17 26 Jun 2007

After reading about evesham in financial crises. was surprised to get an email of them today promoting their goods. How many people may order goods not knowing the outcome of the company.

  Trackrat 12:03 26 Jun 2007

Any links to the problems Evesham have?.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:22 26 Jun 2007

The company is still trading and if they don't advertise they will definitely go under.


  sunny staines 12:35 26 Jun 2007


click here

  sunny staines 12:37 26 Jun 2007


its i catch 22 scene, i would pay cash on delivery to be safe rather than pay up front with a small risk involved or wait and see if things settle.

  sunny staines 12:37 26 Jun 2007

one of the better pc makers i might add.

  bjh 14:33 26 Jun 2007

Many computer companies have been in the same situation as Evesham and survived just fine. Evesham have a strong trading reputation, and have really only suffered financial problems as a result of a (stupid) Government decision on financing computers in the workplace. Indeed, Evesham are certainly not the only company in this situation at the moment - others are in a considerably more parlous state and much less likely to find the investment they need. Many investors search openly for companies that are going through short-term cash flow problems, and Evesham has a long and solid track record.

I would ALWAYS recommend buying on a credit card anyway, but if you do so, I see no reason not to continue supporting an excellent company.

Indeed, I wonder how many members this forum has? If we all chipped in, maybe we could buy ourselves a computer firm!!! That'd be fun... especially when answering our own complaints about ourselves on Consumerwatch!

  Esc4p3 14:45 26 Jun 2007

bjh - here here!!

I thought there used to be a representative of Evesham on this forum, its a shame they can't be here to represent theirselves. All I have seen is a link to a story that suggests they are not doing well financially, but that doesn't mean they are going down the pan.

As I have said before in another Evesham thread, I have bought from them recently (using a credit card) and have not yet received the PC, so I have a vested interest in getting my PC from them. But I would stick up for them in any case, because they are a quality outfit.

So please lets wait until we something concrete in the way of a a statement from them.

/rant :-)

  Trackrat 17:58 26 Jun 2007

Thanks for the link sunny staines, it will be a shame if Evesham do go to the wall.

  BioBob 13:46 27 Jun 2007

Another thread here 'puts more meat on the bones'

click here

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