Evesham sending spam again !!

  CodeMeister 21:58 25 Feb 2005


I have been receiving spam from LowestOnWeb which I understand is part of Evesham Computers.

I'm not the only one either, have a look at :-

click here

Surely Evesham don't need to stoop this low !!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:12 25 Feb 2005

It is called advertising and you will get used to it. There is always the option to hit 'delete'.


  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:15 25 Feb 2005

Actually their Viewsonic 19" TFTs are very good prices...thanks for the tip.


  CodeMeister 14:58 26 Feb 2005

Hi Gandalf

It's called SPAM and there is no getting away from it. Thousands of hours of productivity and valuable bandwidth are lost because of companies like Evesham sending out unsolicited mass mail like this.

People ought to be aware of their working practices before deciding to purchase from them.

  peg leg 16:57 26 Feb 2005

I have been the owner of a new Evesham Dominator 64 for a week now and I,personally have had no spam from Evesham whatsoever during that time.

Apart from that it's a bloody great computer,so far anyway!

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:16 26 Feb 2005

Ironic really but I ordered a 19"TFT and a set of Creative speakers from the site last night as I decided to have a butchers. Got a confirmation that they could price match the Viewsonic TFT to Savastore and I await delivery of both items. It might be spam but it has relieved me of £400. If this is spam and it saves me money then roll on more.


ps...hitting the delete button is not too onerous but you could do yourself a big favour, check out their prices and their 'beat a web price' deal. Many thanks for highlighting them to me.

  Rumple 18:49 26 Feb 2005

Yes its a pain...but to be honest it sometimes work. Because of your post i actually looked at the site and will bear it in mind if i need something because they are cheap.
Besides your not going to forget the name in a hurry....if for all the wrong reasons.

  realist 20:25 27 Feb 2005

I can recommend Lowestonweb........I recently bought my grandson one of their cheapest Evesham Quest Explorer branded laptops and the build quality is superb.

  CodeMeister 21:30 27 Feb 2005


I don't doubt that their products are competitively priced.

It's their marketing techniques that I disagree with.

If every company sent out unsolicited spam then we would spend all day clearing our inboxes.

Looking at click here just goes to show how many other folks are getting annoyed by it as well.

I'm not even a customer of these people.

  [email protected] 23:49 27 Feb 2005

When you give your e-mails to these companies, they usually offer you the choice of receiving e-mails from 'carefully selected 3rd party companies'.

If you do not wish to receive these sort of e-mails then all you have to do is untick the option on the registration form?

As Gandalf points out, people in the market for buying computer parts may only be too happy to receive an e-mail like this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:56 27 Feb 2005

If the contributors at Google newsgroups spent more time deleting the gazillions of emails they receive rather than whining interminably, the world would be a better place. If receiving emails that offer good prices is soooo bad then stop the World whilst I depart. /eyes raise

'I'm not even a customer of these people'...I wasn't until I saw your email and am now 400 squid lighter. Do you think I shopuld post to the Google *yawn* newsgroups complaining about your spam that has cost me dear? ;-)))


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