Evesham really is a very good company

  Steve27 17:15 06 Jan 2003
  Steve27 17:15 06 Jan 2003

I have just had a visit from an Evesham engineer, my CDRW drive had failed they called as promised, the engineer was knowledgeable, efficient, and very polite an excellent ambassador for Evesham.

The computer is now 18 months old the drive was replaced with one with a much higher spec.

I have already recommended them to two friends who will be buying from them this is confirmation that my recommendation was right.

Well done Evesham

  Scarthy © ® ™ 20:10 06 Jan 2003

Yes they are good on customer care usually.

My only gripe with the warranties with them is that say my LG writer failed...I would indeed probobally get a higher spec'd replacement, but it could be of a make that I don't even know. Not a problem really unless you use programs like Clone CD and Nero/ Roxio. These programs, and others, have preferences with certain writers. Say I got a writer that didn't work well with Clone CD, I will have wasted my money on the software. Similarily, I use Roxio (because it came with my writer) and I have got used to it. I wouldn't really like it if I had to resort to Nero with a new writer...All my DirectCD formatted CD's would be useless and my new writer may not be compatible with some of the software... Maybe I just don't like change...hehehe

  Evesham Support 15:38 07 Jan 2003

Thanks for the positive feedback Steve27.

If we replace a CD writer and the original product has since become obsolete we will replace the drive with an equivalent model, if required new CD Writing software will also be supplied to ensure the drive functions correctly.

As all drives we supply are branded products from quality manufacturers it is very unlikely that any third party software that may be installed on the system would not support these.

Hope this has answered any queries.

Kind Regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

  hoverman 15:57 07 Jan 2003

I would also recommend Evesham to anyone. My current PC is the second I have bought from them and in my experience their service and support is second to none. The fact that you have had an immediate response from them is proof of that.

  jazzypop 16:18 07 Jan 2003

I had exactly the situation you described, with similar concerns. I explained them to the very helpful Customer Support rep, and discussed which drives they had in stock that were of a similar spec to my dying LG drive. He made sure that I received the LG model that I wanted. Couldn't ask for more, really.

  Scarthy © ® ™ 21:20 07 Jan 2003

That's good to hear...(;o)))

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