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  cactusjack 18:31 29 Dec 2003


I was just looking at the Evesham Evolution 2800 Blue Lightning PC, which allows you to choose a "Radeon 9800 Pro 256MB DDR II VGA/DVI-I/TV-out" video card. The Evesham Evolution 2600 HT PC on the other hand offers a maximum video card upgrade of a: "Radeon 9800 Std 256MB VGA/DVI-I/TV-out".

Is there any real significant difference between the 9800 Pro 256MB card and the 9800 Std 256MB card for playing the latest games?

I would appreciate any feedback,
Thank you.

  GibsonSt19 18:48 29 Dec 2003

The Pro's better, but the standard will run pretty much everything you can throw at it at the moment. Newer games will also start using the full 256mb soon too.

  cactusjack 21:43 29 Dec 2003

Further to what I posted earlier, after looking at the ATI website (click here), it clearly mentions the 9800 256MB Pro card. However, I'm confused about where the 256MB Standard card comes from - since it isn't mentioned on the ATI website - the website only mentions 256MB versions of the Pro and XT cards. I'm assuming the 'standard' version mentioned on the evesham website refers to the 'radeon 9800' on the ati website (i.e. not the 'radeon 9800 pro' or 'radeon 9800 xt' cards). Yet on the website, 256MB cards are only present for the Pro and XT cards. So I'm confused as to where the 256MB 'standard' card comes from on the evesham website.

  [email protected] 11:45 30 Dec 2003

Hey Cactusjack.
I went through exactly the same thing with my 2.8 Blue Lightning. (from their catalogue) I wanted to Upgraded the ATI 9600 into a 128mb ATI 9800 pro.
After I ordered it via phone I noticed the specs for it on their webby made it look like I was getting a 'standard' version. Anyway it turned out to be the PRO version after all, perhaps there wasn't standard versions to these 128/256mb cards and it's just a small mistake on Eveshams part.

Hope that's helped a bit.

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