Evesham problems 2

  petermontague 14:34 13 Feb 2005

I do not think it proper for you to close the Evesham problem thread by letting the company have the final word on the subject.Also, given that a contact at Evesham has now appeared I have no other way of contacting them.
The fact remains that Evesham have not responded to my last 2 e-mails and I am using your forum to discuss my grievances. I would much rather discuss this in a civilized way directly with Evesham, but if they will not respond, what can I do? I did not intend to make any disparaging comments about your magazine and On re-reading them again do not see how you can take offence at what I have written.
As to the response from Evesham, I do not know Carolyn Worth, have never come across the name, and certainly had no contact from her in the past.
If she is as she says as keen to resolve this as I am, perhaps it would be better for her to contact me direct, either by e-mail or phone.Evesham have contact details. If she will let me have full details of returning the p.c I will have it boxed and ready for collection.
It is not my intention to take legal action except as a final resort, and I still hope this could be avoided, but this does require that Evesham enter into a dialogue with me.
Peter Montague

  bfoc 17:33 13 Feb 2005

That it is a matter of taking offence.

The company have said that they are willing:
'to consider a refund once the equipment has been inspected, either by Eveshm or by an independent 3rd party'

Given that, it is really a matter of getting that inspection sorted isn't it?

I'm also pretty sure that actively canvassing, in two seperate posts, for people who have problems to post to a particular thread is pushing the limits of what the forum is meant to do and is also not just 'discussing' your problems as you intended to. It is very frustrating when problems seem not to be getting sorted and therefore easy to go further than planned in any post.

You have a public statement that Evesham will act on an independent report (if you don't want them to examine the machine) - that is (I would suggest) as much as one is likely to get from any company. An email to [email protected] or, if that doesn't get a response, one to the FE asking for the contact person at Evesham should get things moving.

  petermontague 17:55 13 Feb 2005

Having at last got Evesham to respond I wanted to make sure that Carolyn Worth received my response that I was willing to return the machine to Evesham and I was asking her to send me the relevant details re a return. This forum is my only way of contacting her as I do not know who she is or what her contact e-mail is at Evesham, and my last two e-mails to them have had no response.
I have sent an e-mail to Evesham Customer Care on the assumption that that is her department, asking the same as the above i.e that they contact me with the necessary details for the return.

  Technonot 18:53 13 Feb 2005

If you return your PC to Evesham for inspection pending a refund, do not expect a swift resolution, my pc was returned almost 3 weeks ago, I am still waiting for 'a senior customer care representative' to contact me regarding my refund (currently I have been without my pc during the 3 times it has been returned to Evesham for 9 weeks).

  Mortticia 19:09 13 Feb 2005

If look refer back to your previos thread on this subject you will see that I posted the problems we were having with the Evesham Pc my niece recieved as a Christmas present and you enquired as to the outcome of our dispute.Sad to say that this will be dealt with by the small claims court later this month.

  petermontague 19:54 13 Feb 2005

Hello again Technobot and Mortticia thanks for following me to the new thread. I would ask you your opinions re the closing of the old thread but bfoc would presumably consider that canvassing for comments and I would not wish him to think that.
I do not as you put it expect a swift resolution.
In fact I am not sure I actually expect anything anymore, but as the p.c is frankly of no use to me it wont be any hardship not to have it.
I can only say that Evesham have finally made contact after ignoring my last two e-mails. I don't know why they didn't contact me directly rather than post it here (obviously I do know really!)but anything is better than nothing.
I will certainly keep you posted of any developments as long as the thread stays open.

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