Evesham pc system32/config/windows corrupt

  daz999 11:12 12 Sep 2003

Please help

I purchased a pc from Evesham in June of this year it arrived on the 2nd of june not working I phoned customer support who said that they would send out a technician.
The technician arrived on the 17th of june and worked on the pc for 4 hours saying the problem was the sill raid drivers.
The pc crashed again with the same problem on the 6th of august the computer was returned to them for the o/s system to be re imaged?
The computer was returned to me and again it crashed with the same problem another technician came to My home address and this time changed the mother board 4 hours later the pc crashed again at this present moment in time the pc is at evesham hq.
I am waiting for a answer and also I have been to Trading standars regarding this problem.
The computer system is:
pro axis 3000 td2
twin 120gb serial ata hdd
amd xp 3000 cpu

Can anybody help ME.

  crocodile36 11:51 12 Sep 2003

Ask for your money back or a new computer within the next 14 days. That should provoke a response.

  keenan 11:58 12 Sep 2003

I purchased my system from Evesham last november,along with some friends who bouhgt the same system from their branch in Altincham.
They did have a number of problems- eventually the system went back to their HQ and following a letter to Eveshams M.D - Evesham upgraded thier graphics card as a gesture of goodwill.
They have not had any problems since.

I had a problem with my cordless keyboard ,which was replaced in 3 days with a new unit.

So maybe a letter to the M.D outlining your problems might help.
My experiences-so far- with Evesham have all been
good. Good luck!

  daz999 12:37 12 Sep 2003

Thanks guys i have sent a letter to the MD and have I must say a prompt response I just find it amazing how a computer can have the same problem time after time.
Evesham are looking at thew pc as we speak but since the pc arrived it has only worked 38% of the time do you guys now what is causing this error.
I have lost faith in this computer i am starting to think will it ever be right

  Evesham Support 13:42 12 Sep 2003

We are very sorry to hear of your dissatisfaction with your Evesham Technology computer system.

While it is clear from your post that you have already received a response to your correspondence, please feel free to contact me directly through [email protected] and I will see if I can offer any further assistance.

Kind regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology

  keenan 15:32 12 Sep 2003

Good!!To see a manufacturer respond in this way-
especially with a post to the forum.

Let us all know - the outcome.



  daz999 19:36 12 Sep 2003

Well Done Evesham I just hope there sort My problem out.

  daz999 19:39 12 Sep 2003

I will keep you all up to date regarding My problem Thanks Keenan.

  Busy 22:32 13 Sep 2003

Fascinating..my Evesham system, Amd 2200 bought in August 2002 ran fine until like you I got the dreaded corrupted registry with exact same title of your thread.Wont boot,cant do anything,total crash,awful,teddy in the corner time.
It happened every 3 months to me-no good reason but each time I had to reinstall windows.
last one of these crashes was in April 03-fingers crossed-Ive now put Drive Image on for a regular back up of the whole system,got sick of reinstalling.I did email Evesham but they suggested it was a software problem and for whatever reason I think I am ok now but it was a bugger waiting for the next crash.so it hasnt happenend only to you!!

  daz999 09:58 14 Sep 2003

Thats strange Busy Evesham also said to Me that it was a software problem regarding sill raid drivers? The Evesham technician downloaded the latest drivers and the problem is still happening I cannot even use the recovery disk.
Anyway the pc is at Evesham at the moment I am waiting for a response from them regarding what there are going to do about it because at the end of the day I like Yourself just want the Evesham product to work LIKE IT SHOULD.
To be honest I have lost faith with My pc and its just 3 months old.
The technicians who came to My house have worked really hard to overcome this problem but it still happens time and time again.
I feel the only way I will get My confidence back with product is to be given a new one because this pc was not cheap over two grands worth and a new product should not behave like this.
I will keep You posted on the out come.

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