Evesham and other retail Sites that don't help

  Brian-336451 13:14 21 Aug 2003

I'm in the hunt for a laptop to take to Bangladesh.

I have specifications coming out of my ears but have roughly narrowed down what I want so am looking at customer feedback etc.

OEM internet sites vary from really helpful - AJP for instance to Evesham who are hopeless.

For example tapping Specification does NOT tell you if and how many ports there are eg USB2/IrDA/Parallel/Firewire etc. I was told that not all potential buyers want this information.

Well if they don't, surely they won't select the Specification tab. I do, and many other potential buyers do too I am certain.

AJP give a very detailed spec which is just the job.

My question to Evesham (amongst others) is how many people choose a machine whose site gave the information they wanted (this in the Business Section mind you). They didn't know because I was the first to complain.

The only reason I was phoning was they have a good reputation and therefore the product is likely to be good too. Had I not phoned, I would not have realised that the 5815 Model actually HAS GOT WHAT I WANT and at a reasonable price.

I've suggested to Mark at Evesham Sales that they introduce a PDF link to an exhaustive specification page and erstwhile customers such as I can make an informed choice based on our internet research.

Why go to all the trouble of setting up a website if it doesn't have what the customers need?

Any thoughts? Over to you Evesham.

  Brian-336451 13:18 21 Aug 2003

The question should have been 'how many people choose a machine whose site didn't give the information they wanted'

I'm sure you guys know what I meant.

I do wish we could preview the post, full size before it goes.

  TechMad 13:45 21 Aug 2003

Its hard to get a balance. There are some customers, who need to know everything about the machine. But some people, who are new to the world of computing and may feel intimidated by the technical language. What is a 'Virtual AC3, Full Duplex'? Complex terms like this could turn away customers.

As you are looking towards getting a laptop, might I suggest click here - Rock Direct - They seem to have struck a good balance. So you can get an overview of the laptop, but by clicking 'View PDF' you have all the detail you could want.

Currently there is no PDF document for the Pegasus DTS and CTS models.

  Brian-336451 18:13 21 Aug 2003

Agreed, it is hard to strike a balance, which is why I made the suggestion that they produce a PDF link (like AJP do) which satisfies everyone.

The 'sales' jingos can be in the original page and the 'meat' can be on the Specification page.

I cannot speak too highly of the ease of moving around and configuring the AJP site, I just don't know if their computers are right for me - their website certainly is - 10/10.

  Evesham Support 10:05 22 Aug 2003

Thank you for your feedback regarding our website, we have passed this information to our Marketing Department who constantly review the website and appreciate direct customer feedback in order to improve the service given to our Internet customers.

As a result of this feedback we are currently in the process of making some changes to the level of detail supplied regarding the specifications of our laptops.

Should anyone have any queries regarding any of our products that they are not able to resolve through our website then we would recommend that you contact our Direct Sales on 08707 287 070, where our advisors will be able to answer any questions you may have.

Kind Regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology

  packetman 13:25 22 Aug 2003

Bought a new set-up from Mesh this year and from the start I couldn't get the CD rewriter to accept CD-RW's, Burns CD's but will not accept RW's. I find they answer emails but only talk to you on their expensive phone line. Now I was told after much discussion that the only CD-RW that it will read are TDK 4xMulti-speed which I could only get in packs of 10. Still doesn't work, have tried all makes and I don't believe anything will work, but they still insist that there is nothing wrong with the unit despite the fact they haven't examined it! I'm not telepathic if they are, anybody got any ideas?

  parveen 18:44 22 Aug 2003

Maybe a new thread is needed-what has this got to do with advertising- If you're annoyed with someone you don't go butting into other people's conversation, do you?

  Brian-336451 01:21 23 Aug 2003

Your response is worthy of your reputation.

My particular point is that your machine/s did actually match my requirements but I would never have known from your website - which rather defeats the object and all the trouble and expense that has already been incurred.

Using the link to pdf (downloadable which gets your advertising right into your potential customers home) satisfies everyone. Those not wanting too much detail don't click on it, people like me would.

This may prevent would-be purchasers such as myself sailing off to other manufacturers' more comprehensive sites.

So, thank you and well done. Maybe I'll wait and see what YOU do, because at time of writing there still is a dearth of the information I require.

Personally I do NOT want to pick the phone up, if I'd wanted to do that, I'd not have bothered with an internet search.

I also don't want to wait for brochures either - they're costs YOU incur without recompense, a download costs YOU nothing, got to be more financially efficient surely?

  Kilobyte 20:02 24 Aug 2003

I agree with the original poster of this thread in that the evesham website is not detailed enough in providing product specifications. I had to contact sales by email to ask for further product details that were not on the site.

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