Evesham or Cube?

  Thurrafork 12:34 22 Oct 2005

I'm comparing a couple of systems here, both slightly reconfigured. Both cost around £1700. The Cube has a X2 4200 cpu, a GF7800GTX gpu, 2gb Ram(pc3200), 500gb HD.
The Evesham has a X2 4400 cpu, again a 7800GTX gpu, 250gb HD, only 1gb Ram(pc3200) - annoyingly it is impossible to reconfigure a Evesham pc up to 2gb Ram without it dropping to pc2700.
All the other components are pretty standard and good.
The evesham edges ahead in terms of cpu, the ram is a disappointment but I could upgrade that myself later. But elsewhere the cube obviously excels - and the company seems to have an excellent reputation for quality and service. Any thoughts? In case its relevant the Evesham is a reconfigured Axis MKR Plus (Nov05), the Cube is an Electra ST3

  Starfox 13:22 22 Oct 2005

Both seem to be well made machines,if slightly expensive compared to Mesh although I think I saw somewhere in one of your postings that you have had problems with Mesh so you won't be wanting on of those.

There are very few complaints about Evesham in the forums,mainly problems with aftersales service I think,but I have not seen one complaint about Cube yet,so they appear to be very good pc's.

Depends what you want the pc for but I think the Cube will be the better of the two.

  Thurrafork 18:03 22 Oct 2005

Thanks for the reply Starfox. Yes, I was thinking the Cube too, though I now see it doesn't come with XP or an sli mobo, so the adding of these will push the price up further. They both have the same card - a GF7800GTX - so apart from that would a Cube with a X2 4200 cpu with 2gb of corsair pc3200 ram compare favourably with a Evesham with a X2 4400 cpu with 1gb of pc3200 (don't know what make, but I doubt corsair)?

  Baz70 18:55 22 Oct 2005

I purchased the exact same system from Evesham with a few upgrades also. The machine workd perfectly immediately and have had no problems at all with it. It performs excellently as expected. Was delivered on time via business post.

I am sure you could upgrade the RAM to 2GB via a phonecall.

  Thurrafork 02:37 23 Oct 2005

Anyone else got anything else to say?

  FreddyNoFriends 02:54 23 Oct 2005

You wouldnt consider a Mesh? I was reluctant to buy one after reading all the horror stories in here, but after a lot of looking around I couldnt find anything that beat the Matrix Titan Dual X2 Plus for the price. It has an SLI mobo, has 2Gb Ram, X2 Dual Core 4200 chip and I upgraded to a 7800GT card.
It comes with XP and MS works, a 19" DVI monitor (also an upgrade), and a 3yr on-site warranty - and the whole lot cost me just under £1500.
I've not got it yet - only ordered yesterday - but a lot of people in here said they would buy from Mesh and had not had problems with them, so given the excellent spec, I decided to risk it!

  Thurrafork 05:02 23 Oct 2005

I had a textbook Mesh horror story - truly disgraceful, then my housemate had a similar storm of ghastliness - so on principle i will never buy from them again. But that's just me.

  Ceri.E 10:33 24 Oct 2005

Firstly, the RAM issue.

I am no techie and wanted it pre-installed.

Secondly, the Cube case fitted my custom-made desk.

Thirdly, I can overclock the X2 4400+ to 4800+ using the iGuru feature without doing anything remotely technical. Just up the FSB and don't change voltage, just play with the fans a bit.


  [email protected] 12:48 24 Oct 2005

Always been pleased with my Evesham's and tech support is excellent!

  Thurrafork 11:16 25 Oct 2005

Ceri, what cube model did you buy? I was looking at the Electra, but I was also considering the Columba - if the gpu could be upgraded to a 7800gtx.

  Ceri.E 11:46 26 Oct 2005

I bought the STS Leo base unit since I didn't need speakers or a screen, plus extra memory.(Windows only "sees" 2.75 GIG at 2T but I am planning a Vista upgrade). I added Windows XP Pro.

I got the wireless keyboard and mouse from Novatech, since they were cheapest.

I've nothing against Evesham - the 2 laptops I got from them for my Company were excellent.

Evesham's offerings suffered from the RAM problem and, I think, on the size of the unit.



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