Evesham, Multi vision or Mesh - where to buy ??

  stinkysteve 18:13 30 Mar 2003

Hi - Im a first time writer, with limited internet access as I live in South Spain, with a radio phone (internet at 4800 anyone..?) so sorry if this has been coered many times but...
Having had Simply computers fail to respond to many mails about upgrading my pc, I am looking at a new one, but where to buy ?
On-site service is out, obviously, but who has what scary stories to tell, or even good tales ?
Thanks !


  rct 18:25 30 Mar 2003

Out of those three I'd say Mesh. If you're still considering upgrading, have you tried click here or click here or do you need someone to do the upgrading for you? (You should try it yourself- it's never as bad as it seems ;-) )

  spuds 22:10 30 Mar 2003

There are a number of members resident in Spain, who work and make computers, why not put a post out requesting their help. Perhaps one maybe local to you.If something goe's wrong, they would be more accessable than the above mentioned companies.Plus if they will not answer you emails, will they be prepared to ship out to Spain, with a machine that will require different specifications to that of the English market.

Of the suggested companies, all have had their good and bad points mentioned on previous postings, but in general, I think that there is little comparison.

  bfoc 22:54 30 Mar 2003

But I'm not sure that getting something here makes sense for you if it is to be used mainly/exclusively in Spain, especially without any reasonable internet access! I'm sure that local options would be your best bet.

However, I'll briifly explain why I personally recommend Evesham. This is based on my personal experience and that of numbers of friends who have bought Evesham on my advice. From this it appears that Evesham machines are reliable, that if there are problems they are usually dealt with speedily and if there is still a problem then an e-mail to [email protected] seems to produce very fast results. My experience of Mesh has been very bad.

I know everyone will have their own view, but as you ask it, that is mine.

  stinkysteve 08:14 31 Mar 2003

Much appreciate your time so far !
OK, I am about to get a satellite dish installed for internet access, and need a faster machine for this (also I just want one..ok !)
It seems to me that prices in Spain are much higher, having just had a quote for replacing some bits (new motherboard, chip, modem for more than a similar spec pc..)and also, there is the luxury of interest free credit in the UK. Another thing is that do many things go wrong once set up and checked - if so, how can some companies give up to 6 years warranty ?

  bfoc 09:19 31 Mar 2003

Not on every machine and not all are major, but over a number of years you will, on avarage, face some problems.

Mostly the problems are to do with software and just require downloads to update the system, but sometimes components may fail and need to be replaced, that could be difficult to sort out from Spain. I strongly suggest that you check with any UK based vendors before ordering what their position is. I don't know, but you might find that a branded PC (say a Sony, Toshiba etc) might well have a European or worldwide warranty, which would cover you.

I assume you are planning on getting it delivered and checked in the UK and then taking it back to Spain? Because one thing that can produce faults is moving equipment without protection, so memorise exactly how the machine is packed and ensure it is repacked in the same packaging and the same way for the trip to Spain.

  Widows Son 17:11 31 Mar 2003

Bought an Athlon XP1700 from them last year - delivery was slightly delayed (and boy did I get cross at the time) but apart from that everthing has been fine. I'd definately buy from them again (even if it was going to work out slightly more expensive than a competitor) and that is the acid test ain't it?

And if you do have any problems place a posting on this site, because they do monitor it and don't like negative postings, so they sort you out quickly

  dfoley 00:03 01 Apr 2003

I would steer clear of Mesh, in general good equipment, but after sales or problem resolving is non existing. I purchassed a machine package scanner went faulty they never responded to calls or letters, also the CD writer never worked and again they ignored all corespondense and never resolved or responded. Dont touch em even if tempted.

  Ben_uk 02:56 04 Apr 2003

In a nutshell from my and friends experience:

For quality and value for money -MultiVision.

For good systems PLUS superb support - Evesham.

For a nervous breakdown - Mesh.

It sounds like Evesham is probably the best bet for you, these days most systems have more than enough power and storage than you are likely to need (at least for a few years),so if service and after sales support is the most important factor look at Evesham.

MultiVision have great systems at great prices and huge sales as a result, but if there are problems that's where you can and do sometimes have to be a little more patient, but worth the wait at the end of the day (they get there in the end bless 'em but maybe as you are based in Spain that might be stretching it a bit!)

I have had personal experience of all these makes for myself and friends who have wanted help with their purchases. Why no more mention of Mesh? Because they were a nightmare to deal with from the moment of ordering (against my advice) and I was proven right, at the time the lure of a TFT screen was too tempting for the person who was asking for my assistance but they won't be going back to Mesh for their next system.

  Troodles 15:33 11 Apr 2003

Do NOT buy anything from MESH, a nervous breakdown is indeed a good description of how you will feel. Look for a local build in Spain or alternatively I would use Evesham in the UK.

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