Evesham.... Mesh just take a look

  sharpe 22:30 05 Jul 2005

Having just bought a second comp s/h off ebay I now have a Pentium Evesham and an AMD Mesh.

Interestingly I put both names into the find section here and read some of the postings relating to both systems.

Quite a few people made the point that with the diversity of components most manufacturers produce both good and rogue machines. A good point and yet..........

If you stand back and look at the general comments and headers for the postings for Evesham and Mesh it is glaringly obvious by the tone of all the postings that Evesham have a smattering of disgruntled people with a glut of praise for their service and product... whilst

Mesh the opposite appears to be the case, a small number of happy posters whilst the rest are most definitely not.

Those, on the forum who state that all companies can produce both good and bad machines are unquestionably correct but everyone makes the point that the way in which each company responds is what sets them apart. And it appears that with the exception of Davey at Mesh the corporate managers at Mesh seem to either be out of touch or don’t care that public confidence in what is one of the larger computer manufacturers still about is not as good as it could be.

Davey do what I did, stick in Evesham and then Mesh and show your managers what the public reaction to apathy in your technical and customer service sections can do.

Before all those with good mesh machines jump on me, do the test, I know that there are lots of good ones about this one I am using seems great (though I have only had it about a week and it is about two years old)

As an added thought, I do have a third comp which is my “spare” I bought that from a great computer company who’s after sales was fantastic. Nothing was too much trouble. You had a problem, you rang them on a standard telephone line and they rang you back. Too good to be true!!! Sure, it’s a Dan they were so good that economically they couldn’t survive. Sadly they went the way of many but there must be a middle ground that companies like Mesh can take. Good customer service is an obligation, take the money and you are obligated to treat people fairly or you don’t deserve to occupy a place in the commercial world.

I’ll watch with interest what anyone’s views are!!

  sharpe 22:45 05 Jul 2005

find section should read "search"

  Forum Editor 22:55 05 Jul 2005

with making comparisons is that often you don't really have that vital bit of information..........which in the case of computer manufacturers might be the number of disgruntled customers expressed as a percentage of the total number of machines sold. It may well be the case that company Z sells 10,000 computers a month, and handles 500 complaints, whereas company X sells 5000 and handles 300 complaints.


You might want to know how many customer service calls result in a satisfied client - again expressed as a percentage of total calls received.


You might want to know how many customer service calls are received, expressed as a percentage of computer sales.

None of us have the statistics that would enable us to make a true value judgment about these two companies, and unless we do, speculation based on the relative numbers of threads you see in our archive is rather meaningless.

  [email protected]@ 23:30 05 Jul 2005

If Mesh sales outstrip Evesham by 50 to 1 then who would be the better company.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 23:58 05 Jul 2005

You also need to know how many people have iunintentionally screwed up their own computers by sticking fingers where they should not be and by mucking about deleting programmes.


  Pooke 00:26 06 Jul 2005

Ya get plenty of that Gandalf, one experience the other day was a customer brought stuff back to our shop for a refund cos, in her words, "she didn't know how to use it" with no reciept and no packaging. ???My mind boggles???

As the FE and Sandra says you need all the facts and as G says they might not be bad machines, just bad owners.


  Pooke 00:35 06 Jul 2005

That generally a happy customer will not be as vocal as an unhappy one. We all like to moan and whinge, and not many people like to hear, "yeah I bought a computer and it's great".

They like to hear all the bad stuff, eg "don't touch that company I had a friend who got a PC and it was awful sounded like an aircraft" or "my other friend got one and an engineer left his mouldy cheese sandwich in the case when he was building it"


  sharpe 09:31 06 Jul 2005

I will say from the outset that I am not condemning mesh I am sure again that what you all say may well be correct people do poke and complain and often I am sure the problems may well be of their own making but to me, a simple soul, who is not particularly computer literate I find the argument strange in that with a simple task like entering each name, eg.Mesh and Evesham into the site search you come up with a number of postings for each and assuming that all on the forum are equal surely the point I make is irrefutable. There is a distinct difference in the postings and the points that you make Pooke "That generally a happy customer will not be as vocal as an unhappy one. We all like to moan and whinge, and not many people like to hear, "yeah I bought a computer and it's great". would apply equally to Evesham or any other computer company and so if we accept that the fact is that all postings reflect peoples genuine feelings of a grievance about all the reasons and all the companies mentioned then why should there be a difference unless the product or service reflects this.

I can understand the forum editor pointing out the facts that he has and I am sure if the discussion concerned a small company compared to a very large one then I would agree but as a lay person it is my opinion that probably Mesh and Evesham seem to be about as equally well known and when their is an imbalance or disproportionate opinion in the postings then are people not expected to draw their own conclusions.

I am not arguing against Mesh as I have said I have only looked at two companies who’s products I have. I have compared what genuine members of the public have written about those two companies and I have used those comments to form an opinion which reflects the facts. I believe that Forum Editor (Andrew isn't it) doesn't censor the postings so if we believe that the comments are a balanced view of peoples opinion then why would it balance more towards one than the other unless as I previously stated "the product or service" reflect this.

I believe it is a simple issue, put both companies in the search feature and read the results. If we accept all things are equal then how can it be anything but what it seems.


  961 11:56 06 Jul 2005

..it's Peter actually

But leaving that aside I am afraid I just do not accept your logic. First you don't know the production numbers of these companies and, crucially, you don't know the failure rate of the computers they build

I have said before that this is a complex and difficult area, partly because failure rates vary wildly within production because of hardware and software problems, and service standards vary too in short times spans for a whole host of reasons

The most reliable way to assess the success of an individual company in comparison with its peers is to consider a number of annual surveys which are produced by magazines asking their readers how satisfied they are with products they have purchased over the last 12 months and which company they would recommend to a friend considering a purchase

At the moment that's as close as you will get

  sharpe 16:02 06 Jul 2005

Thanks for correcting me 961, Peter it is

There should be only one question of issue and that is 1) are Mesh and Evesham comparable sized companies if the answer to that is yes then that throws up all sorts of issues with relation to production standards and customer service.

961 you say:
I have said before that this is a complex and difficult area, partly because failure rates vary wildly within production because of hardware and software problems, and service standards vary too in short times spans for a whole host of reasons

Does each company have an obligation to ensure that items they produce are as effective and fit for the purpose that they were designed for.

If and I may be wide of the mark for saying this, but is not Mesh and Evesham major producers in the computer market and if Evesham can get it fairly right (I know they have had complaints too) then how can you (961) excuse failure by stating it is due to the complexity and variation in hardware. The same criteria applies to all manufacturers and whilst I concede that it would be unfair to compare very different companies when you do the simple task of viewing ordinary peoples views (both positive and negative) surely you can't ignore the obvious.

And in fairness I can't agree that annual surveys alone are the "yard stick" for computer companies performance, as good as they are they are only asking similar questions to the statements that many people post on this forum.

And finally

from what I can perceive of the many complaints concerning both companies there is an acceptance that computers go wrong. As I stated at the start of this discussion, it is how companies react to those complaints that determines the general publics reaction to their grievances. Again I point you to the postings, check out Mesh and check out Evesham and then decide which company has the better approach. Neither company are perfect but one seems better than the other.

I am sorry if I am ruffling anyone’s feathers, that’s not my intention, I am just highlighting something that I think is interesting though not necessarily correct and I post with the genuine reason of hearing others views.


  freaky 21:06 06 Jul 2005

I bought a new Mesh in December, and 'touch wood', I have no complaints whatever. Shortly after getting it I purchased a replacement PC for my wife. It is from a large manufacturer, the price was a little lower (did not want my wife to have a better one!) but the build quality is far inferior to the Mesh. As I said earlier, I have not had any problems with the Mesh so cannot comment on their after sales service.

There does appear to be more complaints aired on this forum about Mesh than any other supplier, this could be due to the statistics sited above i.e. they may sell more PC's than anybody else.

I think the problem they have is geograpic, they are situated in London which has a very low unemployment rate, and high wages. Whereas Evesham are in an area of relatively high unemployment and lower wages. As a result Evesham can pick and choose who they employ, whereas Mesh cannot. In other words Mesh's production costs per PC are higher than Evesham, therefore something has to suffer in order for them to remain competitive....this would appear to be after sales service.

This situation is reflected in many other industries, hence their movement out of the UK to places like China. A difficult problem, I am very glad that I am no longer in manufacturing!!

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