Evesham Laptop - Warranty Advice Needed

  tammer 16:31 02 Aug 2008


I have an Evesham laptop which I bought in September 2005. It came with a Silver warranty - 1 year at home cover and 2 subsequent years of return to base (labour only) cover.

The laptop has broken down (no picture on screen and not booting up) and still has 1 month's warranty left to run.

I've read the problems with Evesham and know they went bust and the warranties are worthless. However, I bought the laptop using my Nationwide Gold Card and am planning to contact Nationwide to honour the warranty under the terms of the Consumer Credit Act.

The laptop is currently with a repair shop to find out what's wrong with it.

The areas where I need advice (if the estimate turns out to be expensive) are:

>Is it worth pursuing Nationwide given the warranty would only have covered postage costs and labour?

>I don't have a copy of the warranties terms and conditions and suspect this would be asked for. I do have my receipts, order form etc. Is this a problem?

>What would Evesham have done if the warranty still stood and it turned out to be a major repair? Would they have done it as long as I paid for the parts?

Any advice would be really appreciated.


  tillybaby 18:55 02 Aug 2008

I too have a laptop from Evesham and it still has a three year guarantee left on it but a company called Total Care ( I think) has taken the warranties etc. off Evesham, unfortnately the warranty I had with Evesham when I bought the laptop is useless and Total Care contacted me a few months ago and said it would cost me so much a year to carry on with the terms. I declined.

  oldbeefer2 20:41 02 Aug 2008

Sadly (I have an Evesham PC and my daughter has a laptop) I think you are wasting your time. Evesham have gone bust and, as far as I can tell, Total Care only react to those who have taken out their warranty.

  iqs 21:01 02 Aug 2008

I bought my PC last march,paid £100 for the Platinum 3 year on-site cover.Like the other have said,Evesham is now owned by another company,and the warranties are not being honored.

I to received a phone call form Total Care,and kindly declined the offer.

Only those who have taken out 'another paid' for guarantee will be covered.

  spuds 21:27 02 Aug 2008

I have used section 75 of the Consumer Credit Act on three occasions.

If the product and that warranty was purchased by credit card or computer finance, and the warranty time as not expired, then the warranty should still apply. But you may find that the credit card company or finance providers initial response is that it as nothing to do with them. If this is the response you get, then ask them for a full written explanation, as to why they are rejecting the claim for repair. If you only have a month left on the warranty, then send the letter by registered post for signature of receipt.

They may or will require that you produce the warranty document as proof of entitlement. Without this proof you maybe stuck. They may also require an 'approved' technicians report. Someone repairing computers will not do, the person as to be registered for vat and as an official business. Sometimes the credit card company or finance house, may have their own 'contractors' who you will have to deal with, as these would be 'approved'. If the claim is agreed, then you might be required to pay for the repairs, and submit a claim for a refund. You may also find that the credit card company or finance house will place a limit to the claim.

  tammer 14:15 03 Aug 2008

Thanks for the help so far. Much appreciated.

From what you've said, does anyone have a copy of Evesham's Silver Warranty terms and conditions that they could email or post me?


  tammer 09:43 09 Aug 2008


I know some of you want to know how things are concluded?

I took my laptop to a local repair centre and it's had its graphics card replaced. It's now working again. The cost was £105.

I don't intend claiming against my credit card, under the terms of Evesham's warranty, as the warranty covered labour only.

For info, when the laptop was 1 year old it had the graphics card replaced under warranty so I wonder if there is a design flaw.

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