Evesham Evolution - Blue Beast

  John-257781 14:24 14 Aug 2004

I am thinking of changing my rather elderly PC -
(Evesham) -which has always worked very well, to
a Blue Beast model, and would be obliged if anyone who has bought one of these models would inform me their opinion of same.
Many thanks.

  dwjinuk 16:07 14 Aug 2004

i am on my third machine from Evesham, an Evolution Wonder. Once again, tremendous service etc.. If the spec is what you want, go for it; you et what you pay for with these people.

  Col Urban 22:03 14 Aug 2004

If they deliver a faulty PC and you want to return it then they will try and charge you a 20% re-stocking fee. This isn't mentioned in the terms and conditions but is added onto the confirmation email after you have ordered.

Dear Col Urban.

Reference RESTOCKING FEES. On Page 18 of Issue No.169 of COMPUTERACTIVE it states...."A restocking fee is illegal under the Consumer Protection ( Distant Selling ) Regulations 2000.
This information is from James Hutchinson, IT Lawyer for Beale and Company.

  Col Urban 22:42 14 Aug 2004

tell that to Evesham

I have a very, very loud voice. When I take things back to the shop if it is faulty I wait until there are a few people there and then I demand not only either my money back or a replacement but also compensation for my troubles and money for Petrol as I live 4 miles from Town. You would be amazed just how quickly they deal with you and give you what you want. Try TESCO, they roll over every time!!!

  Urotsukidoji 09:22 16 Aug 2004

this is off topic. he asked for info on the machine not your opinions on the company or a lesson in consumer law, FE, can these posts be deleted?

two oaks, go for it, great machine and a great spec!

  Col Urban 10:19 16 Aug 2004

Urotsukidoji, it's relevant if your buying an Evesham PC which "two oaks" is. Urotsukidoji, do you work for Evesham?

  Urotsukidoji 10:59 16 Aug 2004

err no....

he asked for info on machine. not company.

and no i do not work for evesham.
but i do have a blue beast, and never had a problem with it.

  zootmo 13:49 16 Aug 2004

The "blue beast" is that the Evolution blue lightning? If the "blue beast" is the computer that I think it is then go for it! I was smiling for a week after I got mine....and I still am.
If you have a problem Eveshams support is second to none two years on site and one year return to base.

  Urotsukidoji 13:56 16 Aug 2004

yes i remember the big grin factor too

I am still grinning!

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