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  sunnyd 03:40 19 May 2004

i purchased an estyle 2 series pc from evesham. it was advertised as ultra quiet. indeed it was when i checked it out in the local showroom.

however, when i set it up and switched on, the fan noise was very loud and the hard drive'clicking' was very loud. certainly not ultra quiet. technical support advised me to take it to the local showroom for advice. the guys at the shop agreed it was too noisy after comparing it with the like model in store, and they would back me up. one advisor reconfigured the fan setting in BIOs to smart mode which rectified the problem. The pc obviosly had not been set correctly!
Hard drive still noisy - told all this to technical support, who said they could not send anyone out for that problem. it would have to be returned and they referred me to customer care. I asked why an engineer could not come out (no satisfactory answer). I haven't even used the damn thing yet! agreed for RTB. someone would collect next day between 1.30 and 5.30pm. I waited but no one came. Waste of time and money.
What should one do? How can i get them to send an enginner and change the hard drive? Evesham are breaking the Sale of Goods Act. customer care is Zero. why don't they check the machine before delivery? I will now contact watchdog.

  Forum Editor 07:16 19 May 2004

What on earth for?

I suggest that you have another talk with Evesham. Tell them that the machine isn't 'as described' in your opinion, and that you want it exchanged for another computer. Be polite but firm, and don't threaten them with Watchdog (who would be very unlikely to show much interest anyway). This can be a simple matter if you handle it that way. The courier's failure to show up to collect the machine isn't acceptable, and you must tell Evesham that. The company generally has an excellent reputation for customer service, and I hope that you'll soon be feeling much happier.

If you aren't you know where to come, but please keep the dialogue going with Evesham.

  TBH1 09:20 19 May 2004

I have never had problems with Evesham support - -though never had call for an on-site visit. I believe Evesham still do the onsite warranty, at least for first year so would have thought they would be obliged to come to your home - - though on another thread on this forum on a similar topic with Mesh, they stated that if its a moby problem, it would be a return to base jobby - - a little strange I thought as they could say all problems were moby related and onsite call would never be instigated. I'm going on ain't I ??? I'll get me coat - -

  rickf 09:47 19 May 2004

I agree with FE. Why complicate the prob w/o trying to resolve it first with Eversham first. You need to give them an opoprtunity to put it right.

  anchor 13:11 19 May 2004

About a year ago, the hard drive on my Evesham packed up. The engineer came to my home and replaced it.

I soon found that the new drive was very noisy; reported this to Evesham, and the engineer returned with a further replacement that was satisfactory.

I suggest you contact Evesham by their dedicated PCA Forum e-mail address. I cannot recall it at the moment, but probably some kind soul will, and post it later.

  spuds 19:43 19 May 2004

Evesham do advertise on-site warranty and I quote: Fast and friendly in home service carried out by our own engineers for your total peace of mind. Unlike many of our competitors our on-site service covers the system motherboard. This means that no matter what the fault we will endeavour to repair your system in your home. Our first time fix rate is in excess of 95%.

All computers have a 3 year warranty, with varied conditions after the first year, depending on model of computer purchased.

Evesham response contact via the PCA forum [email protected]

  TBH1 21:50 19 May 2004

spuds - well spotted mate - so now, when is an onite warranty not an onsite warranty ??

  TBH1 21:51 19 May 2004

or even an onsite one :)

  sunnyd 22:48 19 May 2004

Well, interesting responses! I called customer care at Evesham today at around 4.00p.m. I asked to speak to a manager. I was told that he wasn't in and i would have to write to him as he doesn't speak to any customer on the phone.(what nonsense).
I asked why my pc wasn't collected as told, as I was waiting all afternoon by the window!
The answer: 'the courier company Amtrak say that the package was not ready for collection'. WHAT? that's what I call a lie. Then the advisor on the line had the indecency to say 'well, I don't know who is right or wrong' I demanded an enginner to call at my address. She referred me to technical Support - here we go again!

This time technical were o.k. He will send out a guy to replace hard drive on friday (let's see). Why couldn't this have been done 4 days ago without me calling 4 times and taking half day leave from work?

I agree with the comment that Evesham should be given the oppurtunity to replace the unit. I did give them the chance, but no one collected it! And then they were saying 'sorry, we can book another day'. Well, I paid for on site service, and that's what I should get.

  spuds 00:10 20 May 2004

Note my posting, and I would further add that your e-style 2 series warranty is advertised as a 3 years parts and labour [2 years on-site]. Nothing about RTB.

Personally, I would wait for the engineer to turn up, and see what the problem is.Then I would take the matter further with Evesham regarding the treatment you have received.This would give you the opportunity to write to the manager, considering that 'he doesn't speak to any customer on the phone'.

  simonp1 03:34 20 May 2004


Your not the first or last to have problems with a PC ok.. So if the engineer comes and im sure he will then fine, your PC will be fixed.
If he dosnt, then stay calm..and just ask for a refund.

As for why they didnt do it in the first place, well put it in writing and make your point but i would be asking why send out a defective PC when it has supposed to be inspected.( You will have an inspection sheet from them with and about your PC )

But GL and hope all goes well..

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