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  terryp96 21:54 10 Oct 2004

I have recently had a motherboard, modem (CNXT V92DataFAXVOICE), HDD replaced under warranty, lucky for me I have till end of October before it runs out. it connectsfor for about 2hours then it disconnects, reconnect again and the connection drops in steadily decreasing amounts of time ranging from 60,15,4,3,2,1,mins.This has been happening for 3 days, Evesham suggested trying BT instead of my usual Evesham ISP, it did exactly the same thing. The engineer has checked all settings for time outs but nothing shows and he even replaced the modem again with the same make, apparantly this is the only one Evesham use these days. I contacted Evesham ISP and they cast doubts on the V92 and suggested adding a string which Evesham Tech Support supplied, all this appeared to do was not allow connection at all. The engineer deleted this and said there was nothing else he could try and left me to try it out over the weekend which I did as above.Where do I go from here if Evesham can't sort it who can. I'm ringing again tomorrow Mon to tell them my problem still exists. These problems nearly 3 years of constant trouble with freezing and crashing which Evesham always blamed on my Software, about a month ago they told me to do an FDISK and reload Win ME only, it still crashed and froze, thats why they did the replacing of motherboard, modem HDD and even modem cable, i'ts after this theproblems started.
My warranty runs out in 21days what are my rights?Can I claim refund or replacement? I have had nearly 3 years of problems, now fed up!


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  JoeC 22:04 10 Oct 2004

emailing Evesham through PC Advisor ?

[email protected]

  terryp96 22:13 10 Oct 2004

Not sure how this helps me, is this a special link to Evesham?

  spuds 23:06 10 Oct 2004

The link given by JoeC will inform Evesham that you are contacting then via the PCA forum facility.Usually get's a better response!.

  terryp96 23:12 10 Oct 2004

Thanks Spuds and JoeC will do!

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