Evesham Axis XCIT Pro

  richardjm1 12:57 28 Nov 2004

Saw the latest review giving the Evesham Axis XCIT Pro a great write up, so went along to my local Evesham showroom to have a look. Within a few minutes of talking to the salesman, he'd persuaded me that for the same money I'd be better going for a larger screen (19" Viewsonic instead of 17"), smaller processor (AMD Athlon 64 3500+ instead of 3800+), on-board sound instead of the Audigy2 ZS.
I'm not critising the salesman - he was helpful enough and could have had a much easier time by just selling me the original system.
Perhaps Evesham don't agree with PC Advisor that it's a brilliant pc. They seem to configure each "review pc" to suit the pc magazines tests so who's right Evesham or PC Advisor.
I'd just about made up my mind to but it - now I'm just confused.

  achilles 11:54 29 Nov 2004

We're sorry to hear that our sales team have caused you any anxiety-we aim to please, not to puzzle!

our sales team apply the GOLDEN rule-they listen to what the customer really wants and endevour to provide advice based on what they hear.

Yes, the review system is splendid but our salesman thought that you might suit your needs more with abigger monitor-but we're happy to sell you whatever you think is best for you.

  richardjm1 15:21 29 Nov 2004

I suppose what confuses me is the performance of the system rather than the monitor size. If the changes to the chip and the sound card don't make a noticeable difference to performance why not include a 19" monitor in the first place?

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