Evesham Axis RD A-List- any thoughts?

  [DELETED] 17:36 10 Mar 2006

I am considering purchasing an Evesham Axis RD A-List desktop PC for home use and would be interested in the experiences of people who have bought this PC or other similar PCs from Evesham.

I have read that this PC will run Windows Vista well including graphics-wise (supplied video card is 256 MB Ati Radeon X800 GTO). Does anyone have suggestions on how I can make sure my PC is Vista-ready (eg 2GB RAM, 4200+ processor)? I want to make sure my PC will still run well in 5-10 years' time, even if it is not entirely future-proof.

Finally if anyone has any other comments about Evesham or the RD Axis A-list I would really appreciate them. Do you think this PC is good value for money or do you think other companies give more for a similar price? Maybe you have had problems with this PC or have comments to make on the after-sales service. Or do you think that Intel Processors with DDR2 compatibility are better or more future-proof than the DDR-compatible AMD Athlon 64 dual-core processor that comes with this PC?

Thank you very much in advance of your help.

  anskyber 19:22 10 Mar 2006

Not sure that anyone could be cast iron specific for you yet, since MS have not published the minimum or recommended system spec for Vista. There has been a lot of speculation and the spec of the Evesham according to some will do the trick. I have also read however that for some of the features on Vista a dual core processor will either be required or will instead be needed to run the system optimally. Until we know nothing is certain. I have read as I am sure you have that Evesham make a particularly good PC with good back up. You may wish to type in Evesham and search on this site for past comments.

  anskyber 19:25 10 Mar 2006

Make of this what you want but for the future if I could afford it I would go for 2GB of RAM. click here

  [DELETED] 19:56 10 Mar 2006

email Evesham, ask your question and await a formal reply from them. They are a good firm and will not tell you it is if it is not.

  [DELETED] 19:59 10 Mar 2006

I mean Vista ready of course. I've had an Evesham Dominator for just over a year and I wouldn't doubt it's ability to run Vista when it appears (and if it's worth the expense!) 8-)

  [DELETED] 02:23 11 Mar 2006

Thanks everyone for your comments. I have emailed/spoken to Evesham and I think I will probably go for it and make sure I include the dual-core processor. I think 2GB would probably cover my bases for a while- memory is of course one thing you can always do with more of!

  [DELETED] 03:42 11 Mar 2006

before it was on their sales system!

The MESH in the same review had more RAM and a larger monitor. BUT, I needed a quiet machine as it is sited in a bedroom, which is exactly what it turned out to be ~ really happy with that!

I was happy to pay more to upgrade to 1Gb of RAM and a widescreen 19" I had my eye on (Viewsonic VA1912W). The screen is superb. The dual core really made itself felt when I defrag or an auto-data backup is running. The PC seems to zip through all tasks and activities without even blinking.

The bonus is the Media Centre as I intend to stream via an XBox 260 to the TV downstairs.

And the MSI driver and BIOS auto-update utility via broadband line is slick! (Not standard installation, and part of problem resolution).

That problem I had was the MSI MoBo's incompatibility with a Belkin pre-N MIMO adapter's installation click here

Fortuitously, the resolution was a better Linksys PCI adapter that has me agasp with the performance which at least matches wired 100Mbps Ethernet!

The MSI (RD480 Neo2 - MS-7194) MoBo does have twin-ed PCI Express slots but I am not a games player. It also only has 1 effective PCI slot free, as the other is so close to the graphics card (2 mm clearance?).

The after-sales service and support I got from Evesham is still as superb and instantaneous as I remember from my other 3+ yr Evesham PC. Upgrading the RAM on that shows it's wise to get more of the same RAM now. As time goes on, getting RAM that is older would more expensive and incompatibility risks also creeps in.

  [DELETED] 04:08 11 Mar 2006

Thanks for that- sounds like it will be a pretty brilliant PC from what you say. Anyone with negative experiences don't hold back though! You're right about the RAM - all the more reason to get more of it now (pushes the price up but probably more cost-effective in the long term). I have been hearing lots about how quiet the PC is- this would be great. I do wonder if upgrading the processor to 4200+ will make it more noisy as someone else suggested...? By the way do you have tool-free access to the tower? Cheers.

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