Evesham Axis 64 Dominator?

  Video Drone 19:43 17 Feb 2005

My current PC is six yrs old next month, so I've been looking around since before Christmas for a good buy, thinking to spend up about £1000. I'd like to use it for games, digital photography, burn some cd's.

I've recently noticed that Evesham have updated the price and spec on their Axis 64 Dominator. Unfortunately this spec hasn't been included in the April PCAdvisor reviews.

I'd just appreciate anybody's comments about this pc and the reliability/quality of Evesham as a company? Thanks in advance for any help.

  peg leg 19:54 17 Feb 2005

video Drone.
I was looking at this PC as well and wondering about Evesham computers..
since then I have had a quick look on Ebay and found another little firm in Yorkshire (I think) called "Computer Electronics"and they look good as well!
Like you,I have been trying to buy a new computer since Xmas and I'm no nearer getting one,not because of money but because of doubting my own ability to choose wisely. Ask for too many opinions and you end up not knowing wether your on your a**e or your elbow.
I say,if you like it,go for it!

  Video Drone 08:55 18 Feb 2005

Seems every time I see a possible candidate for a new PC I hear scare stories about reliabilty and poor customer service. I don't want a new powerful PC that then just refuses to work. I currently have an Advent Pentium 3 that has pretty much always worked without any problem. Maybe I was lucky, 'cos plenty of people I know swear off anything from PC World because of problems. Reliability is probably the biggest factor in my choice of replacement PC. The one thing making me dubious about another Advent though is that for the money it seems you can get a better spec elsewhere, and the warranties are better with vendors like Evesham.

  peg leg 12:01 18 Feb 2005

Video drone,
It's the same with me,mate,everytime I see a pc I like I go on the forum to check out the suppliers only to find someone who's had a bad experience with them!
I've had a Packard Bell club 366 since 1998 and never had the slightest problem with it,of course it's too slow to do much with now so I desperately need a new one,but from who!!
I also like the Dominator 64 so I have emailed Evesham with a couple of questions regarding the components used ie. the motherboard,depending on how quick I receive a reply,if indeed any,will determine wether or not to use them.
If they are honest it could sway me to take a chance with them!
Fingers crossed.

  peg leg 19:30 19 Feb 2005

hi,video drone.

This morning I powered up my pc and the monitor would'nt come on!
Christ!! I needed it this morning as I had just sold something on ebay and I needed the blokes address,after several attempts the monitor came on but I knew it was time to take the bull by the horns and go for a new pc.
I phoned Evesham at their Tonbridge Wells branch and they had one Dominator in stock!
Off I went, credit card tightly clasped in sweaty hand and bought it.
Great looking pc and monitor and I am now revelling in the joys of broadband on a fast pc.
I hope that problems are few and far between because this is most probably the last computer I will ever buy.
Good luck with yours.

  realist 21:19 19 Feb 2005

I've had two pc's both a desktop and (last month)a new notebook from Evesham. I put a high value on warranty and service and, personally, wouldn't buy a computer from anyone else.
Others will have something different to say and in the end you will have to make up your own mind.
Good luck!

  Starfox 23:04 19 Feb 2005

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Makes interesting reading.

  peg leg 17:22 20 Feb 2005

Hi starfox.

Yes I had a look mate,but my experience this weekend with Evesham is that a computer (the last one in stock) was saved for me,although no deposit was paid.

When I picked it up it had a floppy drive installed,although this is supposed to be extra, And I was not charged for it!

I was also given a surge protector for nothing as I had come a long way to pick up this computer and the computer was put in my car by the salesperson as I am disabled!

My experience with Evesham so far has been first class and I hope that it remains that way,time will tell!


  Video Drone 18:40 20 Feb 2005


Let me know how you find your Dominator performs over the next few days- I may be going down to a Evesham store later this week, I'd like to know your impressions of it. Was it easy to set up and install?.

  peg leg 19:16 20 Feb 2005

video drone,

Setting it up was not the easiest that I've done!

The quick set up guide was a one size fits all,or in other words a picture chart that would be used for all computers that Evesham make.
I got a bit confused with some of the cables and ended up with a whole pile of cables for monitor,subwoofer,and pc all in one pile,took me 2 hours in the end to do it all (which means someone who knew what they was doing would do it in 20 minutes)!!!!Plus my Rottweiler who weighs in excess of 9 stones wanted to get his nose in all the time.

As for the install, I nervously switched it on to find that everything was up and running,even the drivers for monitor and cordless keyboard and mouse set themselfs up,nothing for me to do.

After 7 years with windows 98 and a hard drive of 3.2gb and a processor running at a speed of 366mgz, this is a dream.....

Now all I need to do is to get my teenage son and daughter to let me have a go!!!!!!!!!

Keep you posted


  Video Drone 19:38 21 Feb 2005

Speaking as someone with a 6-year old Pentium 3 good only for internet browsing and printing letters, I think I can guess how good it is to have a serious piece of pc kit.


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