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I've finally made a decision. Instead of going with Dell, I'll buy a PC from Evesham, due to their good service reputation. I bought a PC from Evesham in 1996 and from Dell in 1998. I used Dell support once in July 1999 when the PC wouldn't load Windows. Dell were very prompt and sorted out the problem (by visiting me onsite and reinstalling Windows). However, 4 years is a long time - and Dell's service seems to have taken a turn for the worse. Yet I hear very few complaints about Evesham's service when looking at the forums on the internet. Now its time to get a new PC, and I think I'll go with Evesham.

But then I came across the following when doing some research online:

According to the Inquirer, there was a rumour several months ago about Evesham being up for sale (click here). Also there was another article that didn't talk favourably about Evesham (click here). All of this probably constitutes to silly rumours, but I want to make sure, since I am considering purchasing an Evesham PC in the very near future. Does anyone know any more about this? Thanks.

  gold 47 01:21 25 Dec 2003

I have two Evesham computers the first one i bought was three years ago had a problem with it kept locking up they came out twice still had the problem they replaced the computer the second one is two years old never had any problems with this.
Evesham don't like you making changes ie new hardware ect don't know if they have changed as regards this.

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the April 2003 Inquirer story was based on a rumour, and the second item actually appeared as a thread in this forum. It was quite obviously posted by an Evesham employee with a grudge, and we don't allow malicious rants so I deleted it. The person involved then went off and posted the same text in various other web forums.

I personally know of no reason why you shouldn't buy from Evesham with confidence, and I think you'll find there are plenty of other froum users who will agree with that.

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Happy Christmas,

I practically rebuilt by upgrading my last Evesham computer after two years the CD Rom failed they replaced it with a home call with no problem at all.

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I've recently bought an Evesham 2600+ (1.9 GHz)desktop and am pleased with the results (although you might want to upgrade the graphics card from the ATI 9600 to something else if using the very latest games).

If you read worries about a company you could always search for reports on the Web about its previous year's accounts/results (which will have been published). If they look like they're having healthy profits and growth with low amounts of debt they're unlikely to be taken over in a hostile (i.e. negative) manner. Of course they could always be bought in a positive way by a bigger player but this might not mean a risk to consumers.

  [DELETED] 14:19 29 Dec 2003

With regards to hardware changes

Depending on the hardware you change it can result in difficulty trying to support problems. Problems of which could have developed from the hardware you have added. Evesham don't want to be supporting third products, and it's entirely fair if they ask you to remove any added products if they wish to minimilise 3rd party inteferance.

Obviously, for example - if the CD-ROM drive is making abonimal noise's then they wouldn't ask you to take out your 3rd party scsi card.

They was a cases of a customer phoning a technical support office expecting support on the OEM operating system, understandable - BUT - they installed it on another machine (not supplied by this company), and claimed because this company supplied the OEM o/s they should support it because MS don't! Crazy :) there are laws abouts OEM products.

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Please be assured that as a company we are healthy and striving to continue to repeat our success of recent years.

Should you wish to discuss this further or just want a bit of reassurance then do not hesitate to drop us an e-mail through [email protected] and we can give you a call if you like.

As far as supporting third party products fitted to our machines is concerned, we will always try and provide advice on how to resolve issues but our primary concern is supporting the hardware and software supplied by ourselves.

Kind regards

Customer Support

Evesham Technology Ltd

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