Eversham or PC Options?

  bastreff 12:30 20 Dec 2006

Hi Guys,

I was hoping that some one could offer me some advice.

I am in the process of choosing a new computer. I want the computer for Internet, Office, and Gaming. I am hoping to spend about 1600GBP. To include a 6600 Core Duo, 22’ Monitor, EN8800GTS Graphic processor, 400Gb HD, 2Gb 600+Mhz RAM, XP Media Centre.

The first question is, are my basic requirements okay? I wanted the 6600 Core Duo, as reports suggest it the best value, cost versus power. The 8800 graphics card seems necessary for Vista. I suppose one of my main concerns is that it has a long life, and will run new software packages for the next few years. I want a PC that will continue to run efficiently for approx five years. Though I am not sure if its possible these days.

My next question is where to get it from. I am keen on Eversham. They seem to be a good company and provides excellent after sales service, and I can buy the Solar GT Plus package, with some necessary upgrades for about 1600GBP. What are other peoples experiences of Evesham. I also have a shop near where I live, which is potentially a big bonus.

Next question, PC Option provide a similar system for about 1300GBP, which is an excellent price, but I don’t know much about this company. They are certainly not local to me, so this is a disadvantage. However, the system is considerably cheaper.

What are peoples experiences of PC Options ?

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Finally, is it better to get a good price, with a company that appears good, with a five year warrenty, or a system from Eversham that is 300GBP more expensive, with a local shop and proven good after sales service (I think).

Thank you very much in advance.


  steve1ooo 16:09 20 Dec 2006

Usualy in life you get what you pay for.
Had my evesham about 7 weeks now. Arrived when they said it would and has given me no problems what so ever.


  premier man 17:00 04 Apr 2007

My last two PC`s were from Evesham, and I have never had any problems,
would recommend them on my experience

  keef66 15:28 05 Apr 2007

bear in mind anyone can offer a 5 year warranty, but unless it's insurance backed, it's entirely dependent on the company staying in business for the next 5 years. I bought my present pc 6 years ago on the basis of the best price I could get for the spec. The first company went bust after taking the money but before delivering anything. Luckily Barclaycard bailed me out. having learned nothing, I went with my second choice who had the decency to supply the pc and remain solvent for over a year. I still ended up paying for over 3 years warranty support which I never got.
While I am not suggesting anything untoward about PCOption, I do wish I'd paid a bit extra and bought from Evesham. I have subsequently directed many friends & family in Evesham's direction, and all have been extremely satisfied with both the pc and the support (national call rates to UK based people who know what they are talking about)

  ulrich 20:06 05 Apr 2007

I now do my own upgrades and PC Builds but my last PC i bought was from Evesham and I was very happy.

  malgall 21:48 05 Apr 2007

just brought a dell in the last two weeks
and customer service was great
i ordered it on tuesday turned up friday
as i wanted xp and vista on one computer
they in the end offered me a good deal on
a xp only system

  Fingerless 19:10 10 Apr 2007

My first computer many years ago came form Evesham it was a P90 with a huge 8 meg ram and 500 meg hard disk and it cost me 1500 Pounds, they are a good company if your not sure about computers, and have a big wallet.

Im 15 years of computers all that ever went on mines was a hard disk and cd rom both easy to replace, never had to use warranty, usally replaced it after a few years, the last one was quite good, lasted 4 years and still running fine. I use mine for gaming on a 50 inch Plasma and got a Beast from PC Option for 1000 pounds. Value for money you cant beat PC Option.

C Tainsh

  FatboySlim71 22:03 10 Apr 2007

I would definately say Evesham. Ive owned one for 14 Months, no probs at all, very stable PC. I was told that 'my PC would be delivered in 9 working days' I received my PC in 4 days from ordering it. Evesham's customer service is A1 IMO, I have several friends/collegues that have the same opinion as well.

  SteveWH 22:11 10 Apr 2007

I am on my fourth Evesham three desktops and one laptop all brilliant. I have passed on two of them and they are still going strong.

The one I have just got has run Vista without any real problems very well engineered and well set up.

I wouldn't go with any other firm now.

  iqs 10:12 11 Apr 2007

I placed an order with Evesham on the 28th of March.They informed me the delivery/completeion date would be the 12th of April.Today I phoned an asked what the status of my order.I was informed the Pc has not been built.I am expecting a phone call before 11 regarding my order.Something to bare in mind....

  Cracovia 19:06 03 May 2007

My personal contact with PC Option was not so nice.
I'm Jersey , Channel Islands resident.
Jersey is NOT VAT ZONE. So, all normal internet companies are using VAT Country Exemption Code, it is JS. And customer is paying ex - Vat price.
If not, the company is breaking the law.
Easy to understand. But not for PC Option.
I exchange several emails with them.
In first of them , is no problem to send item on Jersey. Company policy have nothing against.
But when I ask several times about VAT. The company policy have changed. And they refuse to send the item. By the way, there is no problem to order delivery on Jersey. They accepted it.
In the last email when I tell them about HM Customs rules ,PC Option wrote

is this the proper customer service ?
if they said that to me, can you risk your money ?


anyway remember that cheap is expensive

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