Is a 'European Computer Driving Licence' worth

  Cybermaxx 13:57 17 Aug 2006

studying/paying for or not? I was made redundant last week, and I'm looking to maybe study for some new skills while looking for a job. This course is part time, 30 x 3 hour sessions. Costs a bit, though. So, is it worth doing, or is it too basic?

  sirreaoscar 14:11 17 Aug 2006

The ECDL is worth doing, i did it 4 years ago and it's a qualification that is worth a lot more than CLAIT.

CLAIT is seen as an English qualification where as ECDL is, as the title says European. Out of the EC it is known as the International Computer Driving Licence. Lots of free sites to look on the net as well to help you study!

The NHS have embraced the qualification and see it as the course that most Trusts would like their employee's to have.

Your comment "is it worth doing, or is it too basic?" does depend on your level of knowledge already.

  sirreaoscar 14:14 17 Aug 2006

Forgot to add google ECDL and trawl through all the sites offering past test papers & help. You will find there is a lot out their, but you may have to search a bit.

If you want anymore help let me know.

  Cybermaxx 14:27 17 Aug 2006

Thanks. Yes, I've Googled it. Had a read through the syllabus. I'm used to using a home PC, but I have no formal qualifications in computing. I think I could get through the course alright, and you say it will be a useful qualification to have........ Okay, thanks again.

My one real concern is that I start the course, then have to start rejecting job offers because their work hours clash with the course study hours. 6-9 PM.

Hmmm, I'll mull it over......

  sirreaoscar 15:24 17 Aug 2006

May be if it's only one day a week any employer may allow you toleave early, may been you do a longer day the next day?

An employer may see it the ECDL qualification as a thing that can only enhance you work with them?

  SB23 16:03 17 Aug 2006

I completed the ECDL about 6 weeks ago, and I thought it was a good thing to have started. My wife was to blame for enroling me on the course up in Lincolnshire, so when we moved back to S. Wales I figured I had to finish it.
I've said before the first few modules that you cover you will already know, but either way it is interesting.
I'm still a house husband, but I'm going back in September to do level 2 and 3.

  sirreaoscar 16:08 17 Aug 2006

What does the course cover?
The ECDL is based on a single agreed European Syllabus. By having one syllabus, the intention is to achieve a common standard and synchronise the different examinations. The overall objective of the EDCL programme is a general improvement in the basic knowledge of computers and a higher level of competence in computing throughout Europe. The EDCL is a European technology certificate for all European citizens. It is intended for those who need to, or wish to, know how to use a computer. It is suitable for people from every discipline and for people entering the job market, and for all ages from 8 to 80. The EDCL is a certificate, which states that the holder has passed one theoretical test, which assesses his or her knowledge of the basic concepts of IT, and six practical tests - which assess the holder's competence in using the computer. There are seven modules: basic concepts of IT, using the computer and managing files, word processing, spreadsheets, database/filing systems, presentation and drawing (power point), information network services (internet and email)..

  Cybermaxx 16:28 17 Aug 2006

SB23. Levels 2 and 3? So there are actually three different ECDLs? Didn't know that.

Found out that it doesn't start till September 18th, so I'll be able to find out what sort of financial assistance 9if any!) I can get from Jobseekers.

  SB23 16:59 17 Aug 2006

Ecdl level 1 is 7 modules I think, (can't check passbook is away being verified,will get back with my certificates in September), module 2 is another module, then module 3 is more indepth.
Go for it, you'll enjoy it. In my case, kept my couple of brain cells busy, and a change from all my kids and housework, lol!


Ps Find out if you can get any help, it will depend on where you live.
I didn't pay in Lincolnshire, but had to pay for the tests, back here in Wales, tuition is free.

  SB23 17:03 17 Aug 2006

Also for more info, and to find a local test centre,

click here

  Cybermaxx 17:11 17 Aug 2006

Thanks. I know which college I'll be going to if I manage to sign up. Yep, 7 modules to it. Just that I wasn't aware of levels 2 and 3.

It would certainly make a change. I've been working a dirty old printroom for the last eighteen years. I'm in no hurry to return to such a place (or a damned factory!).

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