Euro1net DO NOT USE

  wildtrout 15:49 21 Aug 2006

Does anybody else have broadband supplied by this company?
My local fishing club uses them as a provider but now gets the following message
"The service provider is Advanced Data Services (Europe) Ltd. trading as Euro1net. ADS deliver this service via BT Wholesale product IP Stream. BT Wholesale has terminated the IP Stream contract with ADS due to non payment of invoices.

As a consequence BT Wholesale has made arrangements to cease your broadband service this should be completed by Tuesday 5th September at which time you will be able to order a new service from another ISP.
You will not be able to order a new service until the cease order on your current service has been completed." It goes on to say do not complain to BT but go to Ofcom.

Has anybody else experienced this?

I see that Euro1net are still advertising.

The annoying thing is that we cannot get another provider until the cease order has been completed, a situation like this might jeopardise a business in two weeks!

  Forum Editor 18:04 21 Aug 2006

is currently looking at ways to prevent this ludicrous state of affairs, so that we can all switch from one Broadband supplier to another without having to wait for this silly dance of death to play itself out.

Why should you be penalised, simply because your ISP has alledgedly been unable to meet its financial commitments to BT wholesale?

  €dstowe 18:49 21 Aug 2006

- - - -and another reason to get your Internet service direct from BT.

  Spark6 19:51 21 Aug 2006

I'm sticking with BT, at least until the whole broadband issue is sorted.

FE. I couldn't agree more with your comment.

  dwaynedibbly 21:45 21 Aug 2006

Gotta disagree with previous comments about sticking with BT.
Is this not the same company who have through nefarious means, stifled the advancement of broadband within the UK for the past several years.
Claiming that installation of new equipment etc to allow for faster broadband, was un-economic and impractical. When in truth what it really meant was BT were going to have to put their hand in their pocket and invest.
It was only with de-regulation of the industry and BT finally realised their strangle-hold of the UK telephony system was at and end. More importantly they now had to answer to shareholders.
The same senario is being played out now in other utility companies.
Remember that BT as a Nationalised company, ran a monopoly on the physical infrastructure of the UK telephony system for many years. As such they enjoyed huge profits with minimum investment or threat of competition.
Yes its a pity a small company such as Euro1net, has gone under (apparently) and its customers are suffering. But dont lambast them, and at the same time hold up BT as a shining example of how the system should be, because it would be a sad day if we ever returned to the days of their monopoly.

  Stuartli 23:27 21 Aug 2006
  Spark6 23:58 21 Aug 2006

Competition is always healthy provided it's always on a level playing field. Some of the current telecom operators are taking advantage of technology they had not previously invested in and, to make matters worse for their customers, they are getting their fingers burnt.

Those who wish to take a chance on the 'outsiders' should be warned of the risks.

  Forum Editor 00:37 22 Aug 2006

Your post should be deleted if I'm to apply our normal forum rules.

To allege that BT "have through nefarious means, stifled the advancement of broadband within the UK for the past several years." is a libel.

I've left it, because to remove it now would affect the context of a (so far) short thread. Please don't repeat your defamatory allegation.

It might also help to get your facts right, too.

BT was not a nationalised company running a monopoly for many years, and making huge profits. BT as it is now didn't exist until 1984.

The UK telephone network came under the control of the Post Office in 1913. The General Post Office ceased to be a Government Department on 1 October 1969 and was established as a public corporation (nationalised industry) under the Post Office Act of that year. British Telecom first came into existence in 1980, but still part of the Post Office until 1981, when it became a separate public corporation, with its own board of directors. It was at this time that British Telecom started to relax its monopoly of the UK's telephone services.

The 1984 Telecommunications Bill finally saw British Telecom lose its monopoly over the UK network when it became a PLC. Initially, all shares in the new plc were owned by the Government, but in November 50.2 per cent of the new company was offered for sale to the public and employees in this first ever flotation of a public utility company.

  €dstowe 06:55 22 Aug 2006

BT own the wires through which your telephone (including broadband) is received.

Because of this fundamental fact, BT will be the last people to fall through the funnel of obscurity. I want a telecom service that is reliable and don't want to wake up each day wondering if my telecomms provider has disappeared. That is the reason I am sticking with BT. It is irrelevant whether they have stifled development or done anything nefarious. The situation is as it is and we're stuck with it.

  dwaynedibbly 07:26 22 Aug 2006

Apologies FE.
My remark/opinion was not meant in a defamatory manner.
Neither do I wish to turn this into a BT bashing thread, we see quite a few of those anyway.
However if we were to take the stance of €dstowe, then surely the internet as we know it today. Would not exist.
There has to be free and fair competition between service providers, all of whom have complete access to the infrastructure which will enable them to deliver that service. This in itself will see innovation within the industry, and a better product for us the customer.
As with any service or product, there will always be failures and the customers undoubtedly suffer. That is a fact of life we cannot get away from.

  georgemac © 08:08 22 Aug 2006

I recently changed bb supplier and looked at Euronet, but if I recall correctly required you to pay the whole amount for the contract up front - I am always deeply suspicious of deals like this and you stand to lose quite a lot if the company goes bust or has cashflow problems. It looks like I had a lucky escape - the package on offer did sound too good to be true.

I am not bashing BT, but have to agree that they did initally stifle the rollout of broadband as they did not think it would be a good investment - how wrong they were and broadband will be or is their saviour.

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