EURO PC - anyone used them?

  ivesy 19:29 21 Apr 2006

I've seen a PC I would love to buy (I'm sitting here with my credit card ready to pay the deposit before I get it on buy now pay later!).

But there's a voice in my head saying who are Euro PC? what exactly does refurbished mean? are they a reputable company? I emailed them yesterday and I've rang them tonight but there wasn't an answer. So I was thinking does anyone on the (it has to be said) Best PC Forum on the Net have any comments or dealings with this company?

My main concerns are that I'm buying a second hand PC with scratches and god knows what wrong inside together with a company who won't want to know if things go wrong once I've bought it!

I hope I'm wrong as it is a definate bargain but I don't want to be blinded by that and end up with a load of grief!

  BRYNIT 19:53 21 Apr 2006

Never heard of Europc but found a few reviews from a goggle search.

click here

click here

  rmcqua 19:57 21 Apr 2006

mmmm..., doesn't look good from those reviews. Lack of response to e-mails and not answering the phone would turn me off them immediately.

  ivesy 20:32 21 Apr 2006

Yeah I was thinking the same when they didn't answer my email, I think it was fair enough with the call though as it was around 5.30pm. I've had similair problems with Dell! I actually bought the 9150 on Monday but when a rep rang me to confirm I'd sent the signed loan agreement I mentioned if it came with a Ethernet 10/100/1000 card since it wasn't mentioned on my order form but was on the Web Site! I was told it didn't so I sent 2 different screen prints (at Dells's request) from there site that clearly states you do on. That was on Tuesday...I still haven't had a reply!

  spuds 20:32 21 Apr 2006

Refurbished could depend on many things, it would be the warranty terms and conditions that would interest me the most.

When a company ignores a possible sale, I would think in terms of 'What happens if the computer turns out faulty?'.

Your money and your decision, but I know which way I would go.

  ivesy 20:32 21 Apr 2006

I should've mentioned I cancelled the order with Dell as I thought this was false advertising.

  ivesy 20:33 21 Apr 2006

Yeah it's made me think I'll try somewhere else!

  ivesy 12:43 22 Apr 2006

On the EuroPC homepage it says all emails will be replied to within 48 hours well that time passed hours ago! So nowI have now ordered a Dell 9150 which is £53 cheaper than it was on Monday with a bigger Hard drive and more memory!

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