good or bad

  swingtime 14:32 07 Sep 2007

Etay .com

Is this a reliable company to do business with?
Would be grateful for any information thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:58 07 Sep 2007

Little bit more info required as I cannot find Etay apart from an 'under construction' site.


  swingtime 18:05 07 Sep 2007

thanks for replying so soon

as usual I got it wrong it should be

they sell digital cameras once again thanks

  GANDALF <|:-)> 18:14 07 Sep 2007

All enquiries are to the same telephone me a cynic here


  swingtime 23:23 07 Sep 2007

Thanks GANDALF <|:-)> it seems it would be safer to steer clear I might add some time ago you recommended a viewsonic monitor I purchased it and it is brilliant thank you

  Sic 23:57 07 Sep 2007

Is it just me or do some of those reviews Gandalf linked too look a bit well 'odd'?

  QinesiQ 13:39 08 Sep 2007

Not in my experience.

Sent a broken (would not power up mio pda). I had to get my money via credit card as they would not pick up the phone/reply to emails. One phone call i placed was picked up and put down again!

click here
click here

They also trade as Rankhour and C&A Electronics (virtually identical websites also). I also noticed that their reviews on pricerunner look suspiciously churned out (maybe thats why they can't pick up the phone to talk to customers).

Run like the wind you can probably match the price from elsewhere if you google product search.

  swingtime 14:46 08 Sep 2007

Gentlemen what can I say except thank you so much it seems you have saved a lot of bother, QinesiQ I followed the links and downloaded them to study them later looks like I am a very lucky man

it is very good of you to reply to my thread. Once again thank you all

I have ticked this resolved but it don’t seem to work

  Diemmess 14:59 08 Sep 2007

Click on the tickbox and then on the dark "resolved" button

  QinesiQ 15:40 08 Sep 2007

Why do i keep getting that?

Perhaps I should kick the habit and flush the pills ;-)

Glad I could be of assistance :-) btw I found my old post: click here

  swingtime 16:11 08 Sep 2007

Gentlemen I mean that sincerely after reading the pricerunner forum I consider myself very lucky.


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