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  Input Overload 01:47 24 Feb 2010

I have for years recommenced Eset on this & other forums & to friends & colleagues. But recently I had an issue in installing the latest version regarding an error code. Due to extreme work commitments & three family members being critically ill at the same time I didn't research the issue as I would normally would have.

I did put a ticket for support from Eset which is the first time I have ever had to do this. The reply was days out of the time frame given by Eset & in the end I sorted the issue myself & all is well again.

Eset sent me a questionnaire regarding their service that I filled in & basically told them that support was found wanting. With products such as the new MS Essentials for free support is an issue I feel esp with security programs that should be sorted swiftly as I prioritise my work.

I am to be honest quite disappointed at the the support or lack of it. This does not distract from what I consider an excellent product but it will alter my recommendations as I told Eset.

  birdface 08:30 25 Feb 2010

Nothing worse.You pay for protection and do not get it when needed.
To be fair I suppose Security providers must be getting overworked with all of todays problems.
When Eset started at first it probably could respond on the times given.
Maybe it should change it's response times and folk will not feel so let down.
I have never used Eset but I must admit I think this is the first complaint that i have heard about it.
Lets hope your questionnaire results may result in a quicker response in future.

  Input Overload 08:51 25 Feb 2010

I actually got a reply on another forum from an Eset moderator who apologised for the late help. The answer he gave me worked perfectly & all went well.

He took my thoughts on board rather than defending so I hope they sort this out as it's a highly competitive market with free AV's now coming out as good or better than pay ones. Thanks for the reply Buteman.

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